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Camp Fortune - January 12, 2019

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I rolled into the valley at Camp Fortune around 3pm. The parking lot was pretty full. I guess even though it was around -15c the sun and low wind had brought everyone out.  Bluebird days help a lot and everyone was enjoying the wintery Saturday on the hill. The conditions were a mix of packed snow on the valley side to hard packed base on Skyline. The mogul run on Clifford was hard ice though and my edges were not sharp enough for it....or skills.  Of note, Heggtveit is now open. I found it a little icy probably because of high traffic during the day and the fact that it had just opened on Wednesday. Hegg is not lit but it stayed open till around 5pm which shows that our sun is coming back.  Also in the valley Fortune was blowing snow onto McDonald and Alexander! This is great news as last year the runs never opened.  Both blue runs are accessed by a vintage t-bar.  So all we need now is a little more natural snowfall and Swan Dive and Duffy can open bringing the trail count to 100%  As the sun fell it did cool off a bit but the crowds were gone so you could lap your favorite runs.  Another beautiful night skiing at Camp Fortune.IMG_20190112_152539493.thumb.jpg.8019521aa29662b3e859c289ef8bb1ae.jpg 


Wow I don't think I've ever been this far back.


Blowing snow on McDonald and Alexander. 








Tree run


Canadian. Canadian/Chute was the best combo of the night. 


Sunset on Marshall.


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Nice pics! A bluebird day always helps out with the photos and makes the pop. It's great to see a full parking lot, as it is a good sign that people are coming out, and the mountain keeps busy. Looks like another great day/evening on the slopes. Thanks for the report.

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Wow, McDonald and Alexander never opened last year?! It seems to me that most years they open sparingly and I totally forgot about the t-bar. I seem to recall that I liked at least one of those trails, but I haven't been on one since maybe 2011!

Sounds like a nice day @Gordo, I spent the day slacking yesterday and did a three hour long home spa (space heater + shower steam, plus essential oils). Hoping to get out again tomorrow night :D

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They used to open the t-bar runs on weekends and during March break.  The last two years though they haven't, they did allow people to tour up the runs. I guess with expanded snowmaking this year they are giving it a go.   

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    • By Gordo
      Well all the snow from the storm last Tuesday/Wednesday has held up great at Camp Fortune. The conditions are killer with nicely groomed snow, perfect for high angle carving at high speed.  We arrived in time to get a bunch of runs on Heggtviet and Duffy before the sun went down just before 6.  The bumps and cliff drops on Duffy were super fun. Hegg you could just rail on.  Swan Dive was a little more of a technical ski as the bumps were huge and rather unforgiving. Pretty much all the other groomed trails were in excellent shape with the exception Bud Clark which was getting a little scrapped down to the base at the top section.  Over all another great night of skiing with a full moon adding to the ambience.  Oh and the Boreale IPA du Nord-Est at the bar is super tasty.

      Swan Dive

      Duffy in the sun.

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