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Mont Tremblant - January 8, 2019

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A storm rolled in Monday night. I was night skiing at Camp Fortune and it hit hard around 8pm. By Tuesday morning, Tremblant was saying it had 17cm of fresh on the mountain.  We hit the road taking the 2 hour drive northeast. With over 2000ft vertical Tremblant is a leg burner when your used to smaller resorts in the Ottawa area.  Today would be a killer.  Loads of fresh lines, warm temperatures (-3c) and no crowds. In fact you could ski onto most lifts.  We parked at Soleil then double backed to the gondola. Our first run from the top was C.B.C and the new Taiga tree run.  After that we moved over to the Edge side and hit up the expanded glades off Reaction and Extension.  The conditions were amazing, so much fresh snow and so much terrain.  We checked out the new Lowell Thomas lift and the redone Le Grand Maniton while hopscotching around the mountain. After lunch the main runs were getting a little tracked but the moguls were soft and smeary. What a day! 







IMG_20190108_114708906 (1).jpg



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Looks like an amazing day! I figured Tremblant would get the best of it and it's a rare occasion that the temps are so favourable in January! "Le" Edge lol...I guess OQLF got to them? I stayed in last night but am hitting up Saint-Sauveur tonight!

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The conditions look pretty sweet! Especially in the woods. At least it wasn't freezing cold. The last time I was there was three years ago in the fall. Should make the time for a road trip. Glad you had some decent skiing. Thanks for the report and photos.

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Yep we were very lucky as Tremblant can be rather chilly at the top.  Plus they had 97 of the 102 trails open! oh I had my days wrong. Storm rolled in Monday night, skied tremblant Tuesday.  Maybe Shane can fix that. LOL

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Hey Gordo, all fixed.

What did you think of the new Lowell Thomas Express chairlift and the Grand Manitou chalet improvements? Did you happen to snap some pictures of either?

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I’ll look for some pictures tomorrow. The new lift is great, fast and smooth.  The Grand Manitou improvements didn’t strike me as anything special. The bathrooms are still downstairs way at the back.  Generally if i’m going to get a bite or drink it’s down in the village at a pub.  The new glades though really impressed me. 

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The duck wings at that one spot are amazing (the round one right at the base with the huge patio, I forget the name). 

My biggest critique of the food at the top is during BBQ season, the hot dogs and burgers they are making are so horrid for the price they charge, the burgers are basically reheated and the hotdog buns are those folded pieces of bread! The BBQ at the base I haven't found much better either :/

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    • By Gordo
      Boom! I woke to 15cm and it was still coming down hard.  Yes it was cold (-20c) but when it snows its a good day.  I managed to make it up to Fortune around 10am. Late maybe but I was hungover and got stuck behind a fleet of snow plows.  There was still lots of powder to go around.  First stop was Heggtveit.  After some fun on Skyline including Swan Dive I went over to the valley. The T-bar was running so I gave McDonald and Alexander a try.  If you wanted pristine powder in the valley, then those were the runs.  By noon we had topped 20cm! The wind was a little fierce and lots of snow was drifting or getting blown into the woods but still what a killer morning.  More snow is on the way later in the week and temperatures will rise.  So get it while its good!

      Swan Dive



      So much snow in the trees

    • By Gordo
      Happy New Year! and 2019 comes in with a roar. While Ottawa got a mix of snow (maybe 4cms), freezing rain and rain Camp Fortune got about 10-15cms! Anyway the best way to kill a hangover is to ski. I arrived around 9:30 with my sister in tow and almost got stuck in the Skyline parking lot which had not been plowed.  The place was a bit of a ghost town.  The temperature was a little below zero with some wind. The conditions were perfect with the new wet snow gluing to the hard pack which made for a great base for carving fast.  The ice was gone and we even ducked into some gladed areas which had just enough coverage to hide the rocks and logs.  All the main trails on Skyline were open with the exception of Heggtveit.  Hegg should open in a day or so though as it's covered in machine made snow mounds.  We caught the ribbon drop for the Meech runs just after 10 then did some runs in the valley.  The sun came out around noon. Pretty much a perfect start to 2019.

      The Skyline parking lot was a wet mess.

      Where is everyone...hungover in bed?

      You can almost ski under the lift now...just need another nice storm.

      Skyline in all its glory

      Bud Clark

      This photo is from the Meech quad looking west.  Has Fortune been glading in this area? Will this be a future run off Paradis?

      The woods west of Marshall are very skiable. 

      My sister in the fresh stuff

      The sun.

      Slalom. Note the parking lot it's pretty much empty. 

      No lineups on Skyline.