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Camp Fortune - December 23, 2018

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Did a quick mission up to Fortune to see how the hill faired from the rainfest of Friday.  Pulled into Skyline around 9:30. Skyline had just opened for the season on Saturday and the base is looking great with Chute, Canadian, Bud Clark and Sparks open.  The conditions were fast hard pack granular with little or no ice.  Fortune did a great job of recovering from the rain. In fact, the base on Canadian seems the highest I've seen it, making the run steeper than normal.  Skied over to the valley without having to skate ski at all.  The snow was even better in the valley plus the sun was hitting that side.  Temperatures were hovering around -12C and snow making was happening on the Meech runs.  The resort was pretty quiet for the start of the holidays, some lessons were going on and race practices were happening on Slalom.  Overall another great morning of skiing.  Now IMG_20181223_111357294.thumb.jpg.c27a5a9d000d85a50f57292359d8e565.jpglets get a couple nice snow storms to fill everything in.  Happy Holidays.







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Wow great report. The rain sure did a number in the city but it is great to see the slopes are in top shape.

Your pic of the top of Canadian... I agree, that sure is a lot of snow for this time of year. 

Can't wait for Meech to open up. I love those long trails.

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Great report! Looks like Fortune survived the rain fest. Love the pics, beautiful sunny skies, haven't seen a lot of that lately here in the Townships. We still have snow in our back yard but the further out of the city you get, the snow gets thin. 

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    • By Gordo
      Boom! I woke to 15cm and it was still coming down hard.  Yes it was cold (-20c) but when it snows its a good day.  I managed to make it up to Fortune around 10am. Late maybe but I was hungover and got stuck behind a fleet of snow plows.  There was still lots of powder to go around.  First stop was Heggtveit.  After some fun on Skyline including Swan Dive I went over to the valley. The T-bar was running so I gave McDonald and Alexander a try.  If you wanted pristine powder in the valley, then those were the runs.  By noon we had topped 20cm! The wind was a little fierce and lots of snow was drifting or getting blown into the woods but still what a killer morning.  More snow is on the way later in the week and temperatures will rise.  So get it while its good!

      Swan Dive



      So much snow in the trees

    • By Gordo
      I rolled into the valley at Camp Fortune around 3pm. The parking lot was pretty full. I guess even though it was around -15c the sun and low wind had brought everyone out.  Bluebird days help a lot and everyone was enjoying the wintery Saturday on the hill. The conditions were a mix of packed snow on the valley side to hard packed base on Skyline. The mogul run on Clifford was hard ice though and my edges were not sharp enough for it....or skills.  Of note, Heggtveit is now open. I found it a little icy probably because of high traffic during the day and the fact that it had just opened on Wednesday. Hegg is not lit but it stayed open till around 5pm which shows that our sun is coming back.  Also in the valley Fortune was blowing snow onto McDonald and Alexander! This is great news as last year the runs never opened.  Both blue runs are accessed by a vintage t-bar.  So all we need now is a little more natural snowfall and Swan Dive and Duffy can open bringing the trail count to 100%  As the sun fell it did cool off a bit but the crowds were gone so you could lap your favorite runs.  Another beautiful night skiing at Camp Fortune. 

      Wow I don't think I've ever been this far back.

      Blowing snow on McDonald and Alexander. 



      Tree run

      Canadian. Canadian/Chute was the best combo of the night. 

      Sunset on Marshall.