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First run of the year!

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Where do you anticipate your first run of the year will take place?

I'll go first: Killington!!! Although, it did open the same date as St-Sauveur last year (technically, a few days earlier for passholders). So we'll see....

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This year, not sure. The past 3 years it had been St. Sauveur. Earliest being October 23, 2015. Might do it again and start the season early there or sit back and wait to see what Ma Nature has to bring first. For me personally, to make a special trip to Killington is not In the cards. 

Could be one of two places: St. Sauveur, or Bretton Woods to start the season. 

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Not sure myself, but 95% chance it will be Camp Fortune. Very much looking forward to seeing the snow again on the ground. The summer was long and hot.

Although the temperature lately has been a bit cooler than expected, by the time the snow falls, we will all be ready!

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