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Mont Ste Marie - New Glades, Off-Piste and Trekking

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Mont Ste Marie just posted on their Facebook page that new this season, there will be tree skiing (glades), off-piste and trekking.

Over 500 acres of new free ride lift serviced ski terrain will be opening this winter offering amazing old growth tree skiing, pillow drops and stunning views and vistas. 

These are no doubt mostly areas that already exist but were not officially recognized or "allowed". So it's great that it is now being officially recognized.

Really hopeful that one day the backside of Vanier can be expanded onto as well. In some past years, they would allow free skiing back there with a shuttle bus to do the return trip to the main side with the lifts.

Of all the mountains in the region, Mont Ste Marie has arguably the best terrain and vertical drop and the most potential for future growth.

Very exciting.

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Great news! I always thought MSM had great glade potential. I'm very excited about this! 

I suspect most of the "glades" might be the area between the two mountains.  Near where Klotz used to be.

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Based on the comments on Facebook, it was stated that the new section will be between Vanier and Cheval Blanc mountains. If you do a really rough estimate on the size it works out to about 0.8km2 which is about 200 acres. Not sure where the 500 acres is coming from so hopefully we can see a trail map or something that shows the new ski boundaries (and ideally a map that shows suggested trails or routes down the mountain).

For comparison, Tremblant lists their skiable terrain as 755 acres.

Going to send Mont Ste Marie a message so we can try to see a trail map or some chart showing what's new to get a better idea and understanding.

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500 acres does seem like a lot but maybe they are also including the backside of the mountain that is not lift served. Or all the woods between the runs on the Vanier side?

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They had a 'Trail Map' at the Mont Ste Marie booth at the Ski Show. I should have taken a picture but it wasn't very detailed. Just take the existing trail map with the Klotz trail placed back on it, and add a big shaded bubble (that was marked new glade zone) all around Klotz and extending to both ends and that's exactly what the map on display was.

I asked the reps and they didn't have anything to share that we didn't already know.

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