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New Lifts - for Winter 2018-19

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Hello, this will help compile a list of the new lifts going in for the coming winter season. Feel free to add any that have been missed or are announced later.

In Quebec:

  • Bromont (6 chairlift / 8 gondola Hybrid lift, to replace the Versant du Village #4 detachable quad)
  • Tremblant (Detachable quad chairlift, to replace the Lowell Thomas on the North Side)

In the East US:

  • Bretton Woods (8 passenger gondola)
  • Hunter Mountain (6 passenger chairlift)
  • Killington (6 passenger chairlift with bubble covers to replace Snowdon)
  • Killington, moving the old Snowdon quad to South Ridge, as well as moving a surface lift.
  • Magic Mountain, installing two used lifts from Stratton, a quad and a double chairlift. Rumor says that the quad may not run this year though.
  • Stratton (detachable quad chairlift, called Snowbowl Express).
  • Waterville Valley is getting a new t-bar
  • Windham Mountain is getting a 6-passenger chairlift.

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As a side note to the double chair installation at Magic, this double actually was a project that started in the early 2000’s but was never completed. The “Green Chair” had been partially installed with the towers, base station, and unloading station way back when and with Magic’s troubles around that time, it was never finished. Thanks to current management, they are completing this installation to expand accessibility to more intermediate terrain earlier in the season. 

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