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Jay Peak last day, May 6, 2018

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All good things must come to an end, and so it was with Jay Peak, or what was left of it. Apparently there were 26 "trails" open but this is probably the sum of many sections. When I woke up Sunday morning, I decided I'd have enough time to get down and ski for a few hours, which was just fine with me because I was aching from the previous day's hike. A friend had graciously gifted me a ticket at guest services, so all I had to do was show up and I was off and running! Stateside is the only side of Jay open, while it is normal for them to close out their season on Stateside, they'd had to close the Tramside earlier following a vicious windstorm that entangled the tram cables! I am told that there was still plenty of great skiing to be had if you did just a bit of hiking and planned to take the shuttle bus back however. 

I started out my day on the Bonnie, and given the condition I was in, decided to start out with a blue run. It was definitely worth the drive as conditions were slightly better but not so different from the previous day at Sauveur. Definitely a few slow spots on the blue trail, and a lot of soft bumps. Next I headed over to the Jet and discovered that conditions were slightly better, perhaps because Jet is a bit more shaded and thus cooler. I did a handful of runs and was able to move pretty quickly without getting stuck. At the end of the day, I just made it on to the last chair up the mountain and was greeted at the top with a glass of champagne. Who can say no to that! About 40-50 people were at the top celebrating the last day, ski patrol included. We all lined up for a photo, and then the race began - everyone took off at the same time down the Jet! Not wanting to rush down, I took the Montrealer and enjoyed a slightly more sluggish run. 

It turns out I hadn't been able to catch up with my friend who was skiing there, but as chance would have it, we caught up for the apres! He was telling me that people will be hiking up Jay for the next few weeks at least, but also that sometimes in the spring runs mysteriously close, and they don't tell anyone why. Well they found out the reason is bears !! If there is a bear spotted, they'll close the area to the public until it can be observed that the bear has moved away. Great way to keep hungry spring bears away from prying eyes! 

Such a great afternoon in the sun, I'm glad I was able to make the trip!


Skiing May 2018 233.JPG

About halfway up the Bonnie you can see the conditions are looking pretty, well, done. I'm told there were still some glades to ski through though!

Skiing May 2018 238.JPG

Tram tower 2!

Skiing May 2018 240.JPG

At the top of the Bonnie, the view of the peak!

Skiing May 2018 245.JPG

Conditions under the Jet are looking great! Haynes or another run was open as well, but I didn't hit it.

Skiing May 2018 250.JPG

The view.

Skiing May 2018 256.JPG

Riding up the Jet!

Skiing May 2018 259.JPG

Peak party with some new friends. This is right after many of the skiers/riders took off down the Jet. The lady in the dark shirt is from l'Estrie and plans to be at Killington in the coming weeks. Her friend is from New Hampshire. 

Skiing May 2018 262.JPG

Teaser shuttle tram.

See you next season Jay!

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Great report Leslie. Looks like you had a good time. The conditions seem to still be pretty decent for this time of year, thanks to the late March and early April snow. I have only been at Jay in the summer, and the views are spectacular. Someday I will get there in the winter. Nothing like ending the season on a high note. I had been contemplating on heading out one more time but decided not to. Concentrating on getting my ski legs back into shape for next season planning trips and where to go. Hopefully we’ll meet up somewhere for a few turns.

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Nice report. I'm still surprised that Jay didn't go longer than they did this year. They usually seem to go another week or two from what I remember. But judging by your pics, it the reason is clear, the snow is melting quite quickly. 

Looks like you had a great time out though. 

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Yeah there's no way they could have stayed open one more week. I was surprised too until I saw it for myself. It was probably pretty patchy by the following week, though still hikeable for a few weeks that followed I'm sure.

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    • By Ocean
      Woke up Sunday morning and decided I had time to head down to Jay Peak and catch a couple of afternoon runs. This was my first trip to Jay Peak and I loved the drive through winding roads and quaint villages on both sides of the border! I picked up a ticket at the base (when you go to Jay, you can pay in CAD at par for your ticket! Alas, I had forgotten to bring cash, oh well). Although there was a wait for the tram, and it was already going to be a short day for me, I hopped in the line and waited about 10 minutes to get on the next tram. Once at the top, I hiked up to the peak to snap the view before choosing a direction. I hadn't actually looked at a Jay Peak trail map, but figured I was savvy enough to find my way on some blue runs back to the Tramside base. Notably though, there was a ton of accessible glades and black diamond mogul runs that all looked fantastic.  Conditions were great for pre/early spring, with still a lot of coverage and it was a super warm bluebird day. On my last run of the day, I ran into some familiar faces at the top of the lift - I knew two friends were at the mountain but it was a totally random meetup! So we skiied back our last run together. I had heard about the Jay Peak ramen and was totally stoked to try it! It was pretty delicious (although there are some more local ramen shops I prefer). There is also a waffle shack at the base, I guess this is a Vermont thing because these seem to be everywhere. So I grabbed a sugary delicious waffle before heading out to meet up with friends at a the Big Jay Tavern in Montgomery. Altogether a short and sweet trip, but still a good one. I may even make it back before end of the season!

      First ride on the tram!

      View of the other tram

      View from the peak!

      This dude and his buddies are from Connecticut. I really dig his pants!

      View from the peak!

      Guess which run I took!

      I don't know the point of this midhill station but it's pretty badass! I think this run is normally a snow park?

      L to R, Habib from NH, Marc from Pointe-Claire and Denise from NH - met all these guys spring skiing at Sauveur and Killington last season!

      ...and then there were four!

      so many choices.........

      Roasted sesame shoyo ramen!

      the miso tram is totally badass. I was sad they were out of nigiri. I forgot to take a snap of my waffle, but it was delicious!
    • By Gordo
      Well our 3 day ski trip to Jay Peak was an adventure.  Saturday was epic with a foot of new snow and the Flyer Quad running for the first time this year.  All the runs on the Tramside were ungroomed and powder filled.  The only bummer was the Tram was still down... and still is!  Earlier in the season the tram cables got covered in ice then all the ice fell off at once causing the wires to bounce and tangle. Because of this the full length of the cables need to be x-rayed for breaks and safetied. This is a major bummer as along with the Tram being down so is the Bonaventure Quad as it goes under the Tram at the top, also any trails that go under the tram are also closed.  Anyway the runs that were open on Saturday rocked and the snow in the glades was almost waist deep.
      Sunday sucked though.  Over night it began to rain and continued fairly heavy till around 11am. Back on the hill the soft wet snow began to freeze as the temperature dropped quickly. By 2pm everything was icy and hard, no more glades.  Monday was a bluebird day and cold -20 c. Jay managed to get some groomers in order and it was fast. Like 70km + fast rocking down Jet.  
      Not the best trip but Saturday was epic ... Tremblant might have been a better choice, they got snow rather then rain on the Sunday. 
      Also of note all the staff at the Stateside Hotel seemed an little "off". Service was slowwww, staff didn't know where their own restaurants and shops were and there was a lot of rather odd rules. Example everything had to be paid up front when you checked in.  The outdoor hot tubs were closed if it was below 10F! which seemed crazy as that could be half your winter.  Anyway next time I'll stay on the Canadian side and cross over for the skiing.

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