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Sommet Saint-Sauveur - April 9th, 2018!

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The most notable thing about working from home is that you can be in your office anywhere. So it came to be that my home office for the afternoon was Sommet Sauveur (more accurately, the delightful lounge of the Manoir Saint-Sauveur). I didn't have a whole lot of time to duck out for my "coffee break", but I took advantage of this sunny, bluebird afternoon to get in some runs for the last few hours of the day. Conditions were fantastic, good cover, with just a touch of scrape underneath. By the time I got on the hill it was in the plus temps but still with a chilly breeze. I hit Red Bird, Epervier, Jay, Cote 70 Est, Cote 70 Ouest (top) and Nordique hard and fast over the last hour of the day. There was a steady flow of people heading up the lift, but never any lines. With limited time to be out of the "office", I had time for just a few snaps!IMG_2705.thumb.JPG.f852c135f7996d89a88d1a38696ac30a.JPG


Heading up the Atomic lift!


Another Atomic moment.


Notice how the sun is not setting. Why exactly must the lift stop running at 5PM?!


Cote 70 Ouest at the top!


End of day pano on Nordique. So nice when you have the hill to yourself!

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What's not to love about the Manoir? Usually when I go to Saint-Sauveur I always try to make it a point to stop by and pass through the Manoir. It has that good feelings vibe to it.

Great conditions from the photos. Surprising they are limiting the weekday skiing to just the Atomic, although most mountains that are still operating are now weekend only. This is the last of the weekday skiing at Sommet Saint-Sauveur, after Friday it will be weekends only until the end.

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They weren't limiting it to the Atomic, but I only had time to use Atomic since I was "at the office" most of the day. Other lifts were open earlier in the day and all but two trails open, the transition lift over to Avila was closing by the time I arrived.

Love the Manoir, and especially love those couches, and it is relatively easy to poach the hot tub there on some days with a bit of careful blending in. My only critique of the Manoir is their pricing per night is about $50 higher than it should be (and their spa pricing imo is a bit on the high side). We are likely to spend a night there on a ski weekend in May providing Sauveur stays open (currently May dates are not listed on their calendar, so let's hope they continue with their tradition of keeping 70 Ouest open!).

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    • By Ocean
      I arrived at Sommet Sauveur around 3:30pm. It was warm enough to ski with my jacket open but not warm enough to switch to my spring hoodie. I managed to get runs in on Red Bird, Jay, 70 Est, 70 Ouest and Nordique, and I was surprised at how slushy conditions were for a day where it was still cool and not sunny. They must have gotten a lot of rain! Had it been a really busy day, there would have likely been a lot of soft bumps forming. Mostly the trails were slushy slow snow/corn, with just a few patchy spots starting to form on a few trails. I was delighted to have arrived just after a few friends and we managed to do a super quick run at the end to catch the last chair and take our time down the 70 Ouest. Since the rain prevented them from being open this past week, they are now staying open until Tuesday so we can take advantage of the sun! Not much time for snaps today but here are a few!

      "Bumps!" ya no kidding. 

      Conditions on 70 Ouest bottom!

      Looking up 70 Ouest!
    • By Ocean
      Sunday morning we woke up at the Cap Tremblant. I'd stayed up late after a night of puzzling over a 500 piece puzzle with many similar looking pieces. I already didn't have high hopes for a good day at Tremblant given Saturday's conditions, and the exceptionally crisp air confirmed my idea that it might be a better day to ski at Sauveur. After a delicious brunch of mushroom, onion, yellow pepper and swiss cheese omelettes, we packed up and headed to Sommet Sauveur. I actually saw that Mont Blanc was open Sunday and people were skiing at it, but I didn't figure the conditions would be much different from Tremblant and besides which the freezing rain storm was already on its way. We got to Sommet Sauveur around 3:30 and I skied most of the runs around the Atomic lift, although the bottom of 70 Ouest was closed due to the Slush Cup the previous day. Based on Shane's trip report, conditions had already significantly changed from Saturday, although they were still better than at Tremblant. Of course, just as I arrived to the mountain, it started spitting, and then icing (not quite rain, not quite snow), so skiing fast that day would get you an ice facial. They ended up closing the lift ten minutes early even though things were not getting worse (I mean, they really could have gone that last ten minutes so people could have one more run!). Still though, I managed to get in a good number of quick runs and a couple of snaps!

      Rose tint through the Bedouin Tech sunglasses!

      Yellow view of same spot. The splotches are rain drops.

      Ride up the chairlift and more flat light. This run was pretty decent, Jay, not so much.

      Even though the light is flat, these colours still pop!