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Snowshoeing/Skiing - Camp Fortune

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I haven't got in a lot of snowshoeing this year, so this morning I checked out the snowshoe trails near Camp Fortune.IMG_20180317_095713630.thumb.jpg.3d9ad7c638dca2b04e2963f9b08eeb61.jpg What was going to be a quick trip of a few short loops turned into a Snowshoe/Ski adventure around the entire Camp Fortune ski area. I was using snowshoe skis. Short fat skis with telemark bindings and a built skin under the foot for climbing. 

First the crude trail map:


I started with the loop that that goes up and round the Alexander and McDonald.


The start of the trail just behind the Ski Club building. 


After going through the woods I skinned up the ski hill. The snow was crusty out of the woods. 


An old skin trail


Nice view of the valley


Now to ski down through the crust! 


The crust sucked so I went back in the woods.


Near the bottom a jump is being created, plus an air bag.


T-bar trail


I got on the Clifford quad lift.


Skied through the woods left of Marshall


Nice snow


and crusty snow


Took the lift back up and skied across, past Slalom and down a skidoo trail 


The trail links up with Sparks on the Skyline side


The start of Sparks


I took a mountain bike trail down


And came out on Bud Clark


Then went back into the woods between Clark and Sparks. It was a little steep for light snowshoe ski gear but I got to the bottom.


I took the Skyline lift up then skied down the Meech Crossing.


After going up the Meech lift I checked out Au-Naturel a  couple times. 



Then back to the Valley


The quad is still down. 


Back to Marshall


The aerial park. The snow was really nice and soft in this area. 


This was the best area and the only spot with snowshoe trail signs. No one had made any tracks. 


Alone in the woods, go explore.

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5 hours ago, Gordo said:



Very interesting report Gordo. I was actually wondering about the snowshoeing trails at Camp Fortune this afternoon.

Looks like a lot of great possibilities for exploring the area. Are the marked trails from the map easy to follow when you are there?

The one that interests me is the trail that heads to the base of Meech, which would no doubt be of a decent length and have some good vertical. The trail map does give a good idea of the routes but not very clear where they start from. As a rough guess I would say the back end of the parking near Allen's Alley or it's on the Dunlop road just before you pass the Camp Fortune road gate... are you able to confirm?

Looking forward to discovering them.

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Guest Erin

There were concerns about some of the trails and this hasn’t been very popular (likely because we haven’t really tried, but parking is always full on weekends...) so it fell off the map/ to do list this year. It’s really a go explore kinda thing, the one around Meech is an enduro bike trail, I forget it’s name right now. It’s not well marked at all and likely not tracked. 

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Thanks for the information Erin. Hopefully we get a chance to go out and explore it before the end of the season. Perhaps next Sunday.

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Very informative. I had no idea there was such a thing as snowshoe skis,  I was hoping to see a picture of it in your post!  Nonetheless,  it got me very interested to check them out. 

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Hi Ana

Here is a picture of the skis. Normal snowshoe on the left. The short snowshoe skis in the middle with a universal binding for normal winter boots. Those skis are 127cm long and then the longer ones I use with metal edges and 3pin style telemark bindings. They are 147cms.  Note the built in climbing skin for traction going up hill. 


A couple companies make them. OAC out of Finland that MEC sells and a company called Altai out of Canada and the US. 



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    • By Gordo
      Well all the snow from the storm last Tuesday/Wednesday has held up great at Camp Fortune. The conditions are killer with nicely groomed snow, perfect for high angle carving at high speed.  We arrived in time to get a bunch of runs on Heggtviet and Duffy before the sun went down just before 6.  The bumps and cliff drops on Duffy were super fun. Hegg you could just rail on.  Swan Dive was a little more of a technical ski as the bumps were huge and rather unforgiving. Pretty much all the other groomed trails were in excellent shape with the exception Bud Clark which was getting a little scrapped down to the base at the top section.  Over all another great night of skiing with a full moon adding to the ambience.  Oh and the Boreale IPA du Nord-Est at the bar is super tasty.

      Swan Dive

      Duffy in the sun.

    • By Ocean
      After the Edelweiss ice skating experience the previous evening and following the day's snow and rain, I was looking forward to hitting the hill with a bit more success on this evening. I packed up the car and headed out to Edelweiss. Once I got to the end of the 50 it took me a few moments to realize how dark it seemed. I mean, it's pretty desolate out there but this was dark, and the traffic lights were blinking. Sure enough I got to Edelweiss to discover the Hydro Quebec outage affecting Cantley, including Edelweiss, Vorlage and probably Cascades (I couldn't get through to them on the phone). One of the school trip chaperones told me the power went out about 7:30 and people were stuck on the lift, but the generator kicked in, getting them to the top of the mountain, and they were all escorted down by ski patrol without issue. Which is pretty great because it was black as pitch out there!
      I had a feeling it was a region-wide issue so I called the other local mountains to see who was open and Camp Fortune did not disappoint! It was already pretty late by the time I arrived at Edelweiss, due to the weather and resulting slow drive, so I figured I'd have just about an hour to ski, $40 ticket be damned.
      I was pleasantly surprised to arrive at Skyline and learn that Camp Fortune offers a unicorn of a Last Hour Ticket for $17.99! I got there about about 8:50 so the timing was right. I got the ticket, got ready and got on the lift just past 9. I had exactly enough time to do all four runs on Skyline! Conditions were much better than the previous night at Edelweiss, it was sleeting/raining by the time I arrived, with some fresh fallen snow over the ice, but more than enough to manoeuver in. I still went a bit slowly as the backup skis I'm using have a slightly different balance point that my regular skis. The only downside is the Skyline lift seems to close at 9:45 or 9:50, which prevented me from getting in that one last run. All the same, it was good to get out for a few quick runs after all the effort it took to get there! Here's some quick snaps.

      Ths is what happened when I asked Siri to find Ski Vorlage. I am left feeling very confused.

      Finally on the way up the Skyline lift!

      Only Sparks, Canadian, Bud Clarke and The Chute open on Skyline tonight...
      (also, I don't really think of Heggtveit as double black diamond, but whatever)

      By the time I arrived, there weren't a whole lot of people there, and the youth training teams had just packed up and left!

      Heggtveit isn't really that dark, I don't know why they won't keep it open at night! Every storm, people just duck under the line anyways...

      Seeing the hills through the trees, always a nice ride up the Skyline chair!
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