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Camp Fortune lift breaks down

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Camp Fortune just posted an update on their Facebook page. To summarize:

The evacuation was completed without issue and everyone is safe. The mechanical issue prevented using the backup motor to unload all the skiers and snowboarders so that is why it was rope evacuated. Also mentioned is that the lift will be assessed tomorrow and needed repairs will begin.

Important to note that due to the fact that the Pineault Triple chair is right next to it, there is no loss of skiable terrain or access on the mountain. So it's business as usual, the skiing is great and nothing will stop snow enthusiasts from enjoying the fresh snow!


Here's what Camp Fortune wrote on Facebook.


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oooo brutal. I almost never ski on that side but would not want to be stuck on a chairlift for two hours waiting for release without a flask in hand, that's for sure.


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Update from Camp Fortune: 

We want to thank everyone for their patience as we work on repairing the Pineault Quad.  In the meantime please note the Pineault triple is running and services the same terrain and will get you to Skyline and Meech.

The gear box was serviced and totally rebuilt  this past summer and should not have failed. The company who manufactured the gear box is looking into the cause of the failure of its critical components. They will be verifying, in great detail, as to why these parts failed after only so few hours of service. It will take time to manufacture the necessary replacement parts and the repairs may not be completed until after the ski season.

Thank you to everyone involved in the manual evacuation for their cooperation, patience and good spirits. It was quite the experience and although we train for it, it is something we hope never actually happens. Thank you to the members of the Canadian Ski Patrol, Camp Fortune Academy and the Mountain Operations Team. Your teamwork and professionalism was incredible.

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    • By Shane
      The Spring Season began exactly one month ago, and yet today was the first day of skiing for me that actually felt very much like spring. While people may be disappointed with the late start, it has also permitted ski mountains to stretch their season even longer than average. Camp Fortune is usually first to open and last to close in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, but this year all the main trails on Skyline are open, with full snow coverage. The biggest contrast I can make to past years is that by now they would have already been closed, so very exciting turn of events indeed.
      Being an early bird and personally preferring firmer snow conditions, I arrived to ski for opening at 9am. The parking already had more cars than I was expecting at that time... I guess the great news that spring skiing had arrived was heard loud and clear.

      Ski conditions today, excellent. As previously mentioned, the snow coverage was complete on all open trails. The base was hard with little to no ice. As the sun warmed up the snow, the surface softened out very quickly, allowing some bumps and moguls to form on the trails, the typical trademark signature of spring skiing. As far as lift lines, almost every run was ski on without stopping.
      Open trails were Heggtveit, Chute, Upper and Lower Canadien, Bud Clark and Sparks, served by the Skyline quad. An outdoor BBQ was set up between the Skyline Lodge and the quad chairlift.

      After 10 runs, it was time to call it a day. Leaving by 11am, the snow was really softening out and the classic watery spray that results from the carving of skis was in the air. With the even warmer temperatures in the afternoon, I can only imagine that the skiing got even better as the day progressed.
      What a phenomenal day to ski, I just loved every moment of it. Blue skies, warm weather, perfect spring snow... Camp Fortune is spoiling us with the goods!
      Camp Fortune will be open once again tomorrow (Sunday) from 9am-4pm. Tickets are only $25/ day or $20 for 4 hrs for adults and $20/day or $15/4 hrs for kids. Sunday will also be a retro ski day, so bring out your fluorescent and bright coloured ski outfits and rock the slopes like it's still the 80's.
      What a great way to end the ski season in the region. You definitely owe it to yourself to come out and enjoy the great ski conditions before they come to an end, you are sure to be amazed.
      Here are some more pictures from today.


      Upper Canadien.

      Bud Clark.

      Lower Canadien.


      Happy skiing!
    • By Shane
      It is now the second weekend into April and thanks to recent snowfalls, the mountain couldn't have been in better shape this time of year. There is plenty of snow everywhere and the conditions are sublime. No ice, no bare patches, nothing that could ruin the experience, it was just another perfect day out on the slopes. 
      There are 4 lifts and 13 runs open. All except two trails were open in the Valley and Skyline (Swan Dive and Duffy are closed). This weekend marks the end of the ski season in the Valley at Camp Fortune... as of next weekend the skiing moves to Skyline. 
      For those lovers of the snowpark, you will be happy to know that it is in great shape with plenty of jumps, boxes and rails ready to jib.
      Tomorrow at Camp Fortune there are two events not to miss: the 24th Annual Fortune Cup Dual Slalom and the Surf Side Says Fore!! Mini Skolf Edition.
      The mountain is in excellent condition, and it is great to know that the rain earlier on in the week did not do any damage and in fact brought some fresh new snow with it.
      Camp Fortune makes it a tradition to be the first to open and the last to close in the region. With the amount of snow on the mountain and the weather forecasted, there shouldn't be a problem making it to mid-April.
      Here are some pictures from today

      The snow park.


      Happy skiing!
    • By Gordo
      Looks like the ski season may get into mid April. 
      This is from Mont Ste Marie's facebook site (April 4th):
      SNOW REPORT (Lots of Snow April 6th-8th)
      We received 10-15cm last night at the base of the mountain and over 20cm at the summit of Mont Ste-Marie. This is setting up to be the best skiing of the season when we re-open this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All runs will be open with perfect ski conditions groomed to perfection.
      They also mention that they will be open the April 13-15th weekend.
      and todays webcam, another 5cms is expected on Friday.
      Tremblant got 16cms over night.

    • By Gordo
      Made it up to Camp Fortune for a few hours after a fairly long absence. The spring skiing conditions are great. Loads of coverage, fast soft snow and almost all the runs are still open on both the Valley and Skyline. Justin Trudeau was even snowboarding for a few hours in the morning! Ignore the fact the most of the snow is gone in the city, up in the Gatineau hills there is still lots of snow. People are still even cross country skiing.  Get up here and enjoy the warm weather and great snow. 

    • By Shane
      There is absolutely nothing better to do on a Friday night after work if you are a skier, than night skiing. This visit was at Camp Fortune, perfect for the variety and number of trails and terrain available to enjoy. The proximity to the city makes it even easier and quicker to get on the slopes as soon as the clock hits quitting time.
      Arriving around 5:30pm, the mountain is not busy, but it is very clear that the conditions are perfect. The recent snow of the past week and a half have brought the ski conditions to arguably the best they have been of the season... bar none. Just when it seemed like the end was quickly approaching, new snow arrived and arrived it did. The trails are perfectly groomed, absolutely no ice, and a pure joy to ride.
      Hats off to Camp Fortune for making the experience top notch as always, and Mother Nature as well for eventually coming through (better late than never I suppose).
      What were the best trails of the day? I can't say, they were all excellent. Canadian and Bud Clark on Skyline were in great shape, so were Slalom and Marshall.
      Off-Piste, the glade trail to the side of Marshall (YES! there are glades at Camp Fortune) was excellent. Unbelievable how much snow could be found between the trees there. And again, no ice!
      With the weekend now upon us, the best skiing of the year is now! If you ski or snowboard, you do owe it to yourself to enjoy it, you won't be disappointed. Night skiing ends at Camp Fortune for the season Tuesday night, so don't delay. Beyond this Camp Fortune is consistently the last to close in the region so we still should have a month to go to bring us to mid-April, perhaps beyond.
      Get off your couches... and Happy Skiing!

      The Pineault Triple Chairlift (Where legends and stories are born).




      Off-Piste (located to the left side of Marshall).




      Summit of Skyline.

      Bud Clark.

      Lower Canadian.

      Get off your couches!

      Another run begins.