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Camp Fortune lift breaks down

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Camp Fortune just posted an update on their Facebook page. To summarize:

The evacuation was completed without issue and everyone is safe. The mechanical issue prevented using the backup motor to unload all the skiers and snowboarders so that is why it was rope evacuated. Also mentioned is that the lift will be assessed tomorrow and needed repairs will begin.

Important to note that due to the fact that the Pineault Triple chair is right next to it, there is no loss of skiable terrain or access on the mountain. So it's business as usual, the skiing is great and nothing will stop snow enthusiasts from enjoying the fresh snow!


Here's what Camp Fortune wrote on Facebook.


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oooo brutal. I almost never ski on that side but would not want to be stuck on a chairlift for two hours waiting for release without a flask in hand, that's for sure.


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Update from Camp Fortune: 

We want to thank everyone for their patience as we work on repairing the Pineault Quad.  In the meantime please note the Pineault triple is running and services the same terrain and will get you to Skyline and Meech.

The gear box was serviced and totally rebuilt  this past summer and should not have failed. The company who manufactured the gear box is looking into the cause of the failure of its critical components. They will be verifying, in great detail, as to why these parts failed after only so few hours of service. It will take time to manufacture the necessary replacement parts and the repairs may not be completed until after the ski season.

Thank you to everyone involved in the manual evacuation for their cooperation, patience and good spirits. It was quite the experience and although we train for it, it is something we hope never actually happens. Thank you to the members of the Canadian Ski Patrol, Camp Fortune Academy and the Mountain Operations Team. Your teamwork and professionalism was incredible.

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    • By Shane
      There is absolutely nothing better to do on a Friday night after work if you are a skier, than night skiing. This visit was at Camp Fortune, perfect for the variety and number of trails and terrain available to enjoy. The proximity to the city makes it even easier and quicker to get on the slopes as soon as the clock hits quitting time.
      Arriving around 5:30pm, the mountain is not busy, but it is very clear that the conditions are perfect. The recent snow of the past week and a half have brought the ski conditions to arguably the best they have been of the season... bar none. Just when it seemed like the end was quickly approaching, new snow arrived and arrived it did. The trails are perfectly groomed, absolutely no ice, and a pure joy to ride.
      Hats off to Camp Fortune for making the experience top notch as always, and Mother Nature as well for eventually coming through (better late than never I suppose).
      What were the best trails of the day? I can't say, they were all excellent. Canadian and Bud Clark on Skyline were in great shape, so were Slalom and Marshall.
      Off-Piste, the glade trail to the side of Marshall (YES! there are glades at Camp Fortune) was excellent. Unbelievable how much snow could be found between the trees there. And again, no ice!
      With the weekend now upon us, the best skiing of the year is now! If you ski or snowboard, you do owe it to yourself to enjoy it, you won't be disappointed. Night skiing ends at Camp Fortune for the season Tuesday night, so don't delay. Beyond this Camp Fortune is consistently the last to close in the region so we still should have a month to go to bring us to mid-April, perhaps beyond.
      Get off your couches... and Happy Skiing!

      The Pineault Triple Chairlift (Where legends and stories are born).




      Off-Piste (located to the left side of Marshall).




      Summit of Skyline.

      Bud Clark.

      Lower Canadian.

      Get off your couches!

      Another run begins.
    • By Gordo
      I haven't got in a lot of snowshoeing this year, so this morning I checked out the snowshoe trails near Camp Fortune. What was going to be a quick trip of a few short loops turned into a Snowshoe/Ski adventure around the entire Camp Fortune ski area. I was using snowshoe skis. Short fat skis with telemark bindings and a built skin under the foot for climbing. 
      First the crude trail map:

      I started with the loop that that goes up and round the Alexander and McDonald.

      The start of the trail just behind the Ski Club building. 

      After going through the woods I skinned up the ski hill. The snow was crusty out of the woods. 

      An old skin trail

      Nice view of the valley

      Now to ski down through the crust! 

      The crust sucked so I went back in the woods.

      Near the bottom a jump is being created, plus an air bag.

      T-bar trail

      I got on the Clifford quad lift.

      Skied through the woods left of Marshall

      Nice snow

      and crusty snow

      Took the lift back up and skied across, past Slalom and down a skidoo trail 

      The trail links up with Sparks on the Skyline side

      The start of Sparks

      I took a mountain bike trail down

      And came out on Bud Clark

      Then went back into the woods between Clark and Sparks. It was a little steep for light snowshoe ski gear but I got to the bottom.

      I took the Skyline lift up then skied down the Meech Crossing.

      After going up the Meech lift I checked out Au-Naturel a  couple times. 

      Then back to the Valley

      The quad is still down. 

      Back to Marshall

      The aerial park. The snow was really nice and soft in this area. 

      This was the best area and the only spot with snowshoe trail signs. No one had made any tracks. 

      Alone in the woods, go explore.