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Tremblant new pass structure - make some noise!

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With KSL aka Alterra's acquisition of Tremblant, comes the new Ikon pass, competitor to the Epic pass. Basically, loyal Tremblant passholders and families are getting screwed with the 2018-19 season rates because:

1. Tremblant eliminated the Latitude and Sublime (the sublime "replacement" is more expensive and with more blackout days)

2. Ikon passes must be purchassed in USD. So you get to pay the fluctuating exchange rate on limited pass options. This one I find particularly offensive because it is ridiculous for Canadian customers to be paying USD to ski on a Canadian mountain.

3. Sure there are more mountains included in your pass. If you can afford to get to them.

4. No more free hot chocolate or other perks for families. You now pay an additional $75 for those perks.

5. The children's pass also goes up in price.

Expect a mass exodus of longtime Tremblant passholders who can no longer afford to ski there. I'm sure Bromont and the Charlevoix area ski resorts will welcome them with open arms.

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Thanks for sharing Ocean.

This doesn't sound very promising. Already the place was the most expensive to visit. Around $90 for an adult lift ticket, $15 for the parking lot by the Cabriolet, $15-20 for a tiny lunch. But Tremblant is what it is, the biggest in the province, and offers an experience and atmosphere rivaled only across the border, with the village and resort feel. With that said, the price is surely going to reflect what you get, so I have always accepted it.

Would I like it to be more reasonable, absolutely. But what Tremblant offers does cost money to build and maintain. There are several things that need to be improved, such as the Lowell Thomas triple (it is long past time for this lift to go), and perhaps a six-pack to replace the Duncan Express.

Hopefully with the additional revenue, and new ownership, these changes and other needed ones finally come to pass. I would still love to see Versant Soleil built out to what they had been advertising in the mid-2000s, with a new village, and an additional lift and more trails. Who knows.

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I do like Tremblant and get up there a couple times a year, mostly in the swing seasons (Early December and April). You can get around the high ticket prices by ordering online, using Airmiles points or buying other peoples tickets on Kijiji.  One thing they need to improve is the food and beer at the summit lodge though.  Probably the worse of any ski hill I've ever been to!



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I have looked at both years to compare. The old pricing for the Full Unlimited was over $1400, and the new Unlimited IKON Tremblant is around $750. So if you want full unlimited, it isn't a bad deal for sure. But the other passes.... it comes down to what you want and when you want to go to know if it is worth it, a better price now or not.

Of course, the IKON prices we see now are early prices, so after April 9th, they will go up. Who knows what it will end at when it reaches the upper limit in the fall.



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Thanks for the comparison! You can easily compare Ikon's current pricing as the structure is the same for many US based resorts. Tonik vs Sublime - the Sublime pricing went up from the last time I had it, or I got it at a more affordable rate earlier in the season. Tonik might be around the equivalent value but it's got more blackout dates apparently.

Yes, the food in the peak lodge at Tremblant is among the worst. For a resort in QC, it's astonishing that the food is so basic and even the BBQ they do in the spring is pre-cooked for the most part. just ick.

Yes they also need a six pack or several. And many other upgrades!

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