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Bromont, montagne d'expériences - March 5, 2018

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It's the beginning of March Break in Quebec, the weather is warming up, and spring skiing has had an early start. Today's destination was Bromont, a place I really enjoy but had not visited in 5 years. The weather was mild, hovering around and above 0 degrees Celsius.

Heading up from Ottawa, the 3-hour drive goes quickly thanks to the route being made up entirely of highways. The 'new' highway 30 that bypasses downtown Montreal is completely worth the $2.80 toll required to use it.

Arriving at Bromont shortly before 11 am, the main parking is about half full, and the chalet has plenty of seats and tables free. After quickly getting ready, I headed out to start off on the classic Versant du Village, one of Bromont's 7 hillsides. The ride up the mountain's 385m of vertical goes quickly on the #4 chairlift, which is finishing its final year of service. It is to be replaced by a new six-passenger chairlift in time for next season.


The mountain has trails suitable for all skill levels, from beginner slopes to expert terrain. Versant du Village has it all, from the tame Brome to the Coupe du Monde trail.

Bromont has over 100 trails, and it is impossible to experience all that the mountain has to offer in one visit, there is just too much. Wanting to make the most of my visit, I set out to experience one or two trails per hillside.

Starting off with Versant de la Côte Ouest.



Next, the Versant du Midi.


Versant des Epinettes.



Versant du Lac.


Versant du Village.





A quick pause in the chalet for lunch, with some tasty paninis and some traditional poutine, then back out on the trails to visit Mont Soleil. This separate part of the mountain is home to the main beginner trails and learning area. It is also bordered by many homes, condos and ski chalets, and gives great views of the Versant du Village nearby. (Sorry, I didn't snap any pictures this visit).

Scooting over to Versant des Cantons, which I almost forgot this visit...



Overall, conditions were excellent. As the mountain has 7 hillsides in all directions, the ski conditions were different all over based on the orientation with the sun. Mainly it was spring skiing, due to the soft and forgiving snow. Several trails also had nice moguls and bumps forming, which I am sure pleased a lot of people.

Main Summit of Versant du Village and Versant du Lac.


One area that I particularly like is the summit of Versant du Village. It is very small, so small that no sooner do you get off the chairlift, you are already coming back down. This gives the unique thrill of being at the very top of the mountain. 

Bromont is a great mountain to visit and discover. The facilities are modern and well maintained. Many slopes are re-groomed during the day to refresh the ski conditions. Plenty of trails and hillsides ensures you never get bored. You really can't go wrong. With the town of Bromont only minutes away, there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, and even factory outlets to round out your visit. 

With a new chairlift coming next season, and plenty of trails still waiting to be discovered, I can't wait for my next visit.

Happy Skiing. 


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Great pic of the summit Shane. Much smaller than the one at Tremblant by a large margin. Makes it more exciting. I heard during the Quebec investment announcements in December, that they were also planning a summit chalet. Not sure where it would go though, or how big it would be. Would be a nice addition.

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Wow they had less snow off the mountain then in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. You could almost play golf. Well they just got 20cms+ so winter is back.

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Indeed. I have often found that driving along the highway 10 towards the Townships, that the snow on the sides of the road is very low or almost non-existent. This time again was no exception. Luckily Bromont had plenty of the good stuff on the mountain, where it matters most. :)

Some sides of the mountain were really spring skiing, with a visible lack of snow past the borders of the trail, and other areas on the mountain had snow between the trees and in the glades. Orientation changes everything...

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Thanks for the report Shane. Great pics! Especially of the summit. This looks a lot better than I what I have been hearing lately. The last time I skied Bromont was back in the early 80's when the double chair was there where the Quads are. Unfortunately for me, there is just too much there. It's a destination resort now and you need to spend a few days there just to get the full experience. You can't do it in a day.

It is great that they will be replacing Quad 4 for a six seater. Maybe they will opt for the Hybrid like what Orford has?

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I hope they will do a hybrid too, but no concrete news yet.

As there is some mention of a summit chalet coming in the near future, it would make sense to have gondola cabins to bring pedestrians up and back down. But who knows. Sutton has summit chalets but only by chairlift...

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    • By Shane
      Chairlift #4 (the main detachable quad on the Versant du Village) has been out of service since Tuesday/Wednesday last week. The cause is vibrations/oscillations and noise from the bull wheel at the summit. Not wanting to take any chances, the lift is being inspected to determine the cause and repaired. Already the bull wheel has been removed and moved to the base of the mountain for repairs.
      You can see more in this great video Bromont created about what's going on, attached below.
      Earlier on this winter, the Quebec government announced support and investment into Bromont, which included some funding for a new six-pack chairlift. No doubt, this lift is for the Versant du Village, to replace the #4 lift. While no further details have come out, and due to the fact that they also mention at the time a summit chalet will be constructed in the near future, it is possible that this new lift could be a Hybrid lift like at Orford, consisting of six-pack chairs and gondola cabins.
      Either way, let's hope this all comes to pass over the summer and fall so that skiers are treated to a more reliable lift. The #4 lift is the primary lift of the mountain and among the absolute first generation of detachable quad chairlifts. It has served it's time and has reached the point of replacement.
      What are your thoughts? Have you heard any rumors or have any news to share?
    • By Shane
      Yesterday the Quebec provincial government announced $7.5 million in investments to allow improvement to 4 Quebec ski areas.
      Orford will receive $3 million, to allow it to improve it's snowmaking system, to have event infrastructure to allow four-season activities, as well as the modernization and expansion of the main chalet, which will have a terrace added.
      Bromont receives $1.5 million, to allow it to move ahead with its 2017-2023 plan. Improvements to snowmaking, and expansion of the beginner slope. Improvements to other trails and the addition of night skiing to others. There is also mention of plans to replace the main Versant du Village detachable chairlift with something of higher capacity.
      Sutton receives $1.6 million, which will allow it to improve snowmaking and grooming of trails, as well as adding a loading carpet to the #4 quad chair. They also mention improvements to the four season activity offerings.
      At Vallée du Parc (in Mauricie) received $1.5 million, which among other things will allow the replacement of the t-bar with a new quad chairlift. Snowmaking, trail, night skiing, and chalet improvements were also announced.
      Here is a link to some news on what's to come at Bromont. They mention the summit chalet may hover around 200 seats, and also be the home to the ski patrol. Also mentioned is that a new six-passenger detachable lift will replace the existing high-speed quad that dates to 1985, and it will be constructed by Doppelmayr.