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E0C297D4-0AAA-4393-9FD4-B7E03C548532.jpeg.6bbe3f76b25e50267cced1969544fe75.jpegI arrived at about 4:15pm, to a nearly empty parking lot, and no lift lines. The previous night had iced up a bit in the evening, I figured an afternoon of + temps would mellow things out a bit, and I wasn't disappointed! Only the Edelbahn lift was running, and Poma, West Coat and Shotgun were closed by the time I arrived. Conditions are slick early spring but still pretty thin cover following last week's incredibly disappointing rain. I skied every run that was open, for about two hours, until dusk (unfortunately having to leave early tonight). By the time I left there was a "line" at the lift....of maybe 3-4 people in front of me. I didn't think to get any photos tonight except for one, documenting my expression as I recall how steep the bottom section of Strief is. Would have loved to stay a bit longer if I didn't have other things to do afterwards - perfect quick early evening trip!


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Hi Ocean, welcome and thank you for joining us on SlopeEdge.

Sounds like you had a good night out on the slopes at Edelweiss. I can agree that Strief can be a bit surprising with the steepness, especially the left hand side that has more of a drop to it than the right.

Glad to hear you had a great time out on the slopes!

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Hi Ocean, love the photo! Thank you for posting your evening out at Edelweiss. Sounds like you had the hill practically to yourself. I am hoping for more snow soon, I am not ready for spring yet. 


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Hello Daniel, welcome to SlopeEdge. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Edelweiss. I agree, Chemin des Bois is quite a fun trail. Back in the day it was a "monkey trail".... good memories...

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I found this site by accident while looking for old maps of Edelweiss! Loving the trip reports! And while I didn't get to run Shotgun that night, I do recall that the bottom of Strief seems like a cakewalk after the top of Shotgun lol

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Indeed. I can completely agree on Shotgun.

Looking forward to hearing about your next ski outings Ocean. 

Take care.

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    • By Gordo
      Got up to Edelweiss for some night skiing just before 3pm.  The sun was out, it was about -2c and the place was packed.  The parking lot was pretty much full and the lineup for tickets was slow. For some reason on one of the busiest weekends of the ski season they only had one ticket booth open. Anyway I finally traded in my online ticket for a real one and got on the lift.  Night skiing tickets on Sunday that are bought 24hrs in advance online are only $20.  All three quads were running. The high speed quad was the only lift with a line so I jumped on the slow Strief quad so I could ski the non-light runs while the sun was still out.  Everything was open with the exception of West Coast.  I powered down the Eastern Bowl, the twisty Shotgun and Descent Telesiege under the lift.  The snow was hard packed with icy patches but my edges held fine.  After about 5 or 6 runs I hooked up with a buddy who was trying to get rental skis in the disorganized rental area.  I think it took him like an hour to get his gear!  After we skied are legs off till about 8pm with a short break for a drink and a crazy "Skier Poutine".  When the sun went down we stuck to the wide groomer Zoomer that runs under the high speed quad and Olympic/Strief on the right side of the hill.  All in all it was beautiful Sunday night with a killer sunset.  

    • By Shane
      It was a Friday night and there's nothing better than leaving the office with a stop at the mountain to start the weekend on the right ski. Destination was Sommet Edelweiss. Offering the highest vertical drop for night skiing in the region, all the trails except two (Easter Bowl and Descente Telesiege) were open.
      A decent amount of people were present but the lineup at the Edelbahn Express, the only lift open aside from the Magic Carpet, was non-existant the entire night. Just ski up and go.

      Conditions were quite good, full snow coverage, firm base with little to no ice anywhere.
      Meeting up with my good friend René, and his pals Pat and Jay, we conquered the slopes. The weather was hovering around -5 to -10'c however the winds at the summit were surprisingly strong and I wouldn't have been surprised if the temperature at the top felt a good 10 degrees cooler as a result.
      Starting off on the beginner trails, first up was Chemin des Bois.

      Next up was the classic Easy Street.

      Moving across the mountain in search of some more speed was Zoomer.

      The expert terrain of Strief and Olympic were also in excellent condition, providing great steeps and drops into the valley below. Unfortunately, I didn't snap any pictures during this visit, but it seems like Edelweiss has slightly modified the left-hand side of the trail to be a bit smoother as it used to have a much more pronounced drop to it when compared to the right-hand side.
      A great time out on the slopes and an unforgettable evening that took TGIF to new heights and new summits.