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Check out this archival film from 1945. A section features a ski race at Mont Tremblant and also footage of their single chair lift.


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Amazing video. It would be fun to ride the old single chairlift for that experience. Luckily we can always visit Mad River Glen who have done a phenomenal job to maintain theirs. 

Great find. 

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I love the style of skiing they were using. No slalom, just pure bombing the hill, straight down. Some of the racers looked to be barely in control and on the edge of losing it. Great video though. That mountain sure has changed over the years, especially since the 90s.

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    • By Gordo
      Got in some great early season skiing on Friday at Mont Tremblant. Some buddies were staying slope side for the weekend which made things extra awesome. The day started cold like -20C cold but there was little or no wind except at the top. Over the day things warmed up to about -10c and the sun came out a bit.  The groomers were fast hard pack with some cake on top.  Also, several runs on the north side were not groomed yet half blasted with snow mounds but still open (Jasey-Jay).  Those were interesting bump runs! The best condition steeps were Ryan, Tashereau, and Mcculloch. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay for skiing on Saturday. Overnight we got 7cm plus The Edge and Soleil opened up for the first time. I'm sure I'll hear about how much powder I missed! Regardless this season is off to a great start. Ski on!

      Beauvallon Haut with the lake below. 

      My buddies Demon snowboard by Libtech. 

      Top of the north side. 

    • By Gordo
      Some archival photos of Tremblant from Library and Archives Canada. Taken by Chris Lund. Love the single chair!