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Found 42 results

  1. What an exceptional start to the season this year at Camp Fortune. Thanks to an abundant supply of natural snow over the past couple weeks and very cold weather that allowed heavy snowmaking to occur, Camp Fortune launched its season this past Friday. Already on to Day 2, conditions are perfect, and you would be forgiven to think it was mid-February skiing because of how good it really is. Two trails are open, Pineault and Allen's Alley, served by the Pineault Quad lift. Snow coverage is complete and full width, with no ice, firm base, and plenty of white snow to carve up and enjoy. A small snowpark is also set up, complete with some rails, boxes, and modules. Camp Fortune isn't standing still, with snowmaking continuing across the mountain, you can see huge piles of snow on Clifford, Slalom, by the magic carpets, and down towards the Meech side of the mountain. No doubt we can expect even more trails in the relative future. Overall a fantastic start in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. No doubt one of the best in many, many years. I can't wait to see what else is in store for this winter, all things so far point to one thing... EPIC! Camp Fortune is open this weekend from 9-4pm. Be sure to check the latest trail status and opening hours on CampFortune.com Happy skiing! Pineault quad. Heading up the chairlift. You can see Pineault to the right, with some park modules setup to enjoy. The traditional chairlift talk... in progress. Choices... left to Pineault or right to Allen's Alley? Pineault. Allen's Alley. Bottom of Allen's Alley. The sun rising on another ski season. EPIC!!! Snowmaking continues on Slalom and beyond.
  2. Opening day will be Friday, November 23rd from 9 am to 4 pm Friday November 23 9 am to 4 pm Saturday November 24 9 am to 4 pm Sunday November 25 9 am to 4 pm Friday November 30 9 am to 4 pm Saturday December 1 9 am to 4 pm Sunday December 2 9 am to 4 pm
  3. The Spring Season began exactly one month ago, and yet today was the first day of skiing for me that actually felt very much like spring. While people may be disappointed with the late start, it has also permitted ski mountains to stretch their season even longer than average. Camp Fortune is usually first to open and last to close in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, but this year all the main trails on Skyline are open, with full snow coverage. The biggest contrast I can make to past years is that by now they would have already been closed, so very exciting turn of events indeed. Being an early bird and personally preferring firmer snow conditions, I arrived to ski for opening at 9am. The parking already had more cars than I was expecting at that time... I guess the great news that spring skiing had arrived was heard loud and clear. Ski conditions today, excellent. As previously mentioned, the snow coverage was complete on all open trails. The base was hard with little to no ice. As the sun warmed up the snow, the surface softened out very quickly, allowing some bumps and moguls to form on the trails, the typical trademark signature of spring skiing. As far as lift lines, almost every run was ski on without stopping. Open trails were Heggtveit, Chute, Upper and Lower Canadien, Bud Clark and Sparks, served by the Skyline quad. An outdoor BBQ was set up between the Skyline Lodge and the quad chairlift. Heggtveit. After 10 runs, it was time to call it a day. Leaving by 11am, the snow was really softening out and the classic watery spray that results from the carving of skis was in the air. With the even warmer temperatures in the afternoon, I can only imagine that the skiing got even better as the day progressed. What a phenomenal day to ski, I just loved every moment of it. Blue skies, warm weather, perfect spring snow... Camp Fortune is spoiling us with the goods! Camp Fortune will be open once again tomorrow (Sunday) from 9am-4pm. Tickets are only $25/ day or $20 for 4 hrs for adults and $20/day or $15/4 hrs for kids. Sunday will also be a retro ski day, so bring out your fluorescent and bright coloured ski outfits and rock the slopes like it's still the 80's. What a great way to end the ski season in the region. You definitely owe it to yourself to come out and enjoy the great ski conditions before they come to an end, you are sure to be amazed. Here are some more pictures from today. Heggtveit. Upper Canadien. Bud Clark. Lower Canadien. #HappySkier Happy skiing!
  4. It is now the second weekend into April and thanks to recent snowfalls, the mountain couldn't have been in better shape this time of year. There is plenty of snow everywhere and the conditions are sublime. No ice, no bare patches, nothing that could ruin the experience, it was just another perfect day out on the slopes. There are 4 lifts and 13 runs open. All except two trails were open in the Valley and Skyline (Swan Dive and Duffy are closed). This weekend marks the end of the ski season in the Valley at Camp Fortune... as of next weekend the skiing moves to Skyline. For those lovers of the snowpark, you will be happy to know that it is in great shape with plenty of jumps, boxes and rails ready to jib. Tomorrow at Camp Fortune there are two events not to miss: the 24th Annual Fortune Cup Dual Slalom and the Surf Side Says Fore!! Mini Skolf Edition. The mountain is in excellent condition, and it is great to know that the rain earlier on in the week did not do any damage and in fact brought some fresh new snow with it. Camp Fortune makes it a tradition to be the first to open and the last to close in the region. With the amount of snow on the mountain and the weather forecasted, there shouldn't be a problem making it to mid-April. Here are some pictures from today The snow park. Heggveit. Happy skiing!
  5. Gordo

    April 2018 skiing

    Looks like the ski season may get into mid April. This is from Mont Ste Marie's facebook site (April 4th): SNOW REPORT (Lots of Snow April 6th-8th) We received 10-15cm last night at the base of the mountain and over 20cm at the summit of Mont Ste-Marie. This is setting up to be the best skiing of the season when we re-open this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All runs will be open with perfect ski conditions groomed to perfection. They also mention that they will be open the April 13-15th weekend. and todays webcam, another 5cms is expected on Friday. Tremblant got 16cms over night.
  6. I haven't got in a lot of snowshoeing this year, so this morning I checked out the snowshoe trails near Camp Fortune. What was going to be a quick trip of a few short loops turned into a Snowshoe/Ski adventure around the entire Camp Fortune ski area. I was using snowshoe skis. Short fat skis with telemark bindings and a built skin under the foot for climbing. First the crude trail map: I started with the loop that that goes up and round the Alexander and McDonald. The start of the trail just behind the Ski Club building. After going through the woods I skinned up the ski hill. The snow was crusty out of the woods. An old skin trail Nice view of the valley Now to ski down through the crust! The crust sucked so I went back in the woods. Near the bottom a jump is being created, plus an air bag. T-bar trail I got on the Clifford quad lift. Skied through the woods left of Marshall Nice snow and crusty snow Took the lift back up and skied across, past Slalom and down a skidoo trail The trail links up with Sparks on the Skyline side The start of Sparks I took a mountain bike trail down And came out on Bud Clark Then went back into the woods between Clark and Sparks. It was a little steep for light snowshoe ski gear but I got to the bottom. I took the Skyline lift up then skied down the Meech Crossing. After going up the Meech lift I checked out Au-Naturel a couple times. Then back to the Valley The quad is still down. Back to Marshall The aerial park. The snow was really nice and soft in this area. This was the best area and the only spot with snowshoe trail signs. No one had made any tracks. Alone in the woods, go explore.
  7. Made it up to Camp Fortune for a few hours after a fairly long absence. The spring skiing conditions are great. Loads of coverage, fast soft snow and almost all the runs are still open on both the Valley and Skyline. Justin Trudeau was even snowboarding for a few hours in the morning! Ignore the fact the most of the snow is gone in the city, up in the Gatineau hills there is still lots of snow. People are still even cross country skiing. Get up here and enjoy the warm weather and great snow.
  8. There is absolutely nothing better to do on a Friday night after work if you are a skier, than night skiing. This visit was at Camp Fortune, perfect for the variety and number of trails and terrain available to enjoy. The proximity to the city makes it even easier and quicker to get on the slopes as soon as the clock hits quitting time. Arriving around 5:30pm, the mountain is not busy, but it is very clear that the conditions are perfect. The recent snow of the past week and a half have brought the ski conditions to arguably the best they have been of the season... bar none. Just when it seemed like the end was quickly approaching, new snow arrived and arrived it did. The trails are perfectly groomed, absolutely no ice, and a pure joy to ride. Hats off to Camp Fortune for making the experience top notch as always, and Mother Nature as well for eventually coming through (better late than never I suppose). What were the best trails of the day? I can't say, they were all excellent. Canadian and Bud Clark on Skyline were in great shape, so were Slalom and Marshall. Off-Piste, the glade trail to the side of Marshall (YES! there are glades at Camp Fortune) was excellent. Unbelievable how much snow could be found between the trees there. And again, no ice! With the weekend now upon us, the best skiing of the year is now! If you ski or snowboard, you do owe it to yourself to enjoy it, you won't be disappointed. Night skiing ends at Camp Fortune for the season Tuesday night, so don't delay. Beyond this Camp Fortune is consistently the last to close in the region so we still should have a month to go to bring us to mid-April, perhaps beyond. Get off your couches... and Happy Skiing! The Pineault Triple Chairlift (Where legends and stories are born). Clifford. Marshall. Marshall. Off-Piste (located to the left side of Marshall). Slalom. Skyway. Sparks. Summit of Skyline. Bud Clark. Lower Canadian. Get off your couches! Another run begins.
  9. With such killer weather and conditions I had to keep skiing, so a quick jaunt to Camp Fortune was in order. Being a little sore from a powderfest yesterday I didn't roll into the parking lot at Skyline till 10am. The sun was out and the place didn't look busy at all. The trails still had a lot of perfectly groomed corduroy. I think Camp Fortune does some of the best grooming in Quebec, I just wish they would keep a couple more runs natural. Anyway the conditions were fantastic, the snow was soft but not wet at all and having some sun was nice after a rather gloomy 2018. After almost 36cms of fresh now in the week the conditions are now mid-winter and Fortune should be well setup to get us into the middle of April. Get out people this could be the best skiing of the season. Skyline on March break The Skyline Chalet and Sparks Craigsmarc Top of Heggtveit Chute Au Naturel Sous-bois Nothing like skiing on mountain bike trails!
  10. Gordo

    Camp Fortune lift breaks down

    Sounds like the Pineault quad just broke down. Bad timing for sure. People had to be rope rescued. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/camp-fortune-chairlift-break-down-1.4571116
  11. Well after yelling “Give me back my winter” for three weeks we are rewarded. 10cm of fresh snow with more to come over night and into Friday. Winter is back and Camp Fotune is skiing fine! I arrived at Skyline just past 5pm. The trees were covered in new fallen snow, everything felt fresh, light snow was falling, it was a winter wonderland. Conditions were great with a nice soft groomed base and fresh snow on top. I took a couple runs on Hegg before it got dark then took in the rest of Skyline before crossing over to the valley to grab a bite to eat. The custom made burritos are pretty good. Lots of fresh powder in the Valley, plus a nice mogul run on Clifford. Great skiing was had, the place was empty, no lift lines, and the trails were all mine. Kick ass! Don’t miss out, get up here. Friday should be stellar. The view from the upstairs “Teachers Lounge” in the Valley chalet. Looking out to Slalom. I brought out the big powder planks...why not.
  12. The Quebec government has announced investments of $1.3 million at Camp Fortune. Great news! This investment will help realize Camp Fortune's four-season development projects. The project includes the purchase of snow guns and increasing snowmaking capacity to allow for a longer ski season. Also mentioned is the expansion of the chalet. A second phase will permit a renovation and expansion of the aerial adventure, which would also add a two-lane zip line linking the three peaks of the ski mountain. More details can be found on the press release (French only) : https://www.newswire.ca/fr/news-releases/programme-de-soutien-aux-strategies-de-developpement-touristique---tourisme-hivernal---le-gouvernement-du-quebec-accorde-plus-de-13-million-de-dollars-au-camp-fortune-pour-bonifier-le-tourisme-hivernal-dans-la-674977463.html As more details come out, they will be shared here.
  13. Here is a quick report on conditions at Fortune. Today was gorgeous, sunny and a high of 4. The runs were fast hard packed snow with a little bit of icing on top. The trails are in good shape and softened a tad by midday. Camp Fortune has managed to survive the freezing rain we had on Sunday very well. I arrived at around 9:30 and was shocked by how busy it was. I guess everyone had the same idea. The lines were fast but I have to say the older crowd were acting like stoned teenagers. They couldn't line up well, they were falling getting on the lift, or standing to close to the chair as it turned around, it was like a bunch of retires who hadn't skied in like 5 years decided to go skiing today. Anyway I survived the mayhem and checked out Meech which is always quiet and the Valley. Slalom races were being held on Slalom and Canadian/Chute. Overall a great day to get some sun and power down some groomers. Now lets hope for more snow and no rain! Ski on. Nice view, I think I see Vorlage. The passage to Heggtveit Looking over the edge of Heggtveit. Steep and fast. Snow close up. The woods beside the Meech chair. Possible low angle blue rated glades? North American with all natural snow base. No one was on it. North American Bump run on Clifford in the valley. Slalom looking toward the main lodge. Race on Slalom. The natural run Duffy to the left. Trick/jump park on Pineault. Skyline in all its glory. Kicking up dust on Heggveit.
  14. Killer conditions up at Camp Fortune right now. I was up on Wednesday. North America and Swan Dive (natural snow runs) are now open. Also there is a bump run on the left side of Clifford.
  15. More snow, so I had to ski. Went for a quick 4 hour mission with my sister to Fortune. With the new RFID system you can load 4 hours or a full day from home and skip any ticket line. The new gates also show you how long you have until your hours run out. We arrived at Skyline around 8:30 just as the lifts started. 10cm had dropped already and the snow would continue for the rest of the day. We blasted down Heggtveit for the first few runs then moved across the hill. The new snow made the conditions great for the first couple hours before the soft snow got pushed around a bunch. Hiding under the fresh was some spots of icy hard pack that showed up on Upper Canadian and Heggtviet. Skyline started to get a little busy by around 10 but the lines moved quick. All in all, another great day of skiing with temperatures around 0c and light snow falling. February is bringing the goods! When is Craigsmarc and Swan Dive going to open? My sister rocking some old school goggles. Some bigger lines by 10am Even the old triple was running in the valley. North America? you must be ready. Sparks
  16. Thank Ullr we have snow again! After a drought of several weeks we finally got the good stuff. The snow started light and fine in the Ottawa area around 1:30 but by 3 it was coming down heavy. I made it to Fortune around 4ish and there was already close to 10cm on the ground. The skiing was great! light champagne over the hard pack making for great turns. The place was pretty quiet and the wind was minimal with a temperature of around - 15c. Word of warning, don't leave you ski boots in the car all day! Man they were hard to get on. Never again. All the main night skiing trails were open. I was hoping to get a few runs on Heggtveit before dark but it was closed. They had just had extra snow on the trail and still needed to push it around. I suspect it will be open on Friday. I heard from someone on the lift that Fortune signed a new 20 year lease with the NCC for running the resort. This is good news as now they can do some long term planning. Rumours have been giving up the McDonald and Alexander runs and replanting for glad accessed alpine touring. I say they move the T-bar to Slalom. Also rumours of possible expansion of the runs on the Meech side. Maybe a run under the lift or some glades? Anyway back to skiing. Killer conditions, lots of fresh, light snow so you could just plow through the crud, a great night. MSM tomorrow! The skyline parking lot at 4pm. Upper Canadian Killer Night! Fresh on Clifford Nice and light Night skiing at its best!
  17. The big melt last Thursday and Friday was a real bummer. Then everything flash froze. I think we lost like 75% of our snow pack but Camp Fortune managed to survive in decent shape. Night skiing was good on fast hard pack with 2-3cms of light fresh snow on top. Skyline is starting to get a little crusty in spots and the thaw has set back the opening of Swan Dive and the glade runs. Best runs of the night were Slalom, Sparks and the lower section of Canadian. A beautiful night with a temperature around -12C and light snow falling. Lower Canadian My sister on Slalom pointing at the lights of Vorlage in the distance. The terrain park is currently closed but should open on Saturday.
  18. Audio link below: http://www.cbc.ca/archives/entry/canadian-anne-heggtveit-wins-slalom-gold-in-1960 The Story - From CBC.ca It doesn't take long for CBC Radio to get a reaction from Anne Heggtveit after the 21-year-old wins the slalom event at the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, Cal. The Ottawa-born skier is still battling for breath when the microphone is put in front of her. "We had two hours to study the course yesterday afternoon, and I think I was the only girl ... who didn't go up and study it," she says in this interview. "Instead I went to bed early last night and had a good night's sleep." Did You know? Anne Heggtveit was born on Jan. 11, 1939. Her father, Halvor Heggtveit, a Canadian cross-country champion, encouraged her to ski from a young age. In winning the gold medal, Heggtveit earned the FIS (International Ski Federation) gold medal for slalom. She also won an FIS gold medal for the alpine combined events (she was 12th in the downhill and 12th in giant slalom). She was the first non-European to earn the awards. Heggtveit won her Olympic run by the largest margin ever recorded for a women's Olympic or world slalom competition. She beat silver medallist Betsy Snite of the U.S. by 3.3 seconds. Bronze medal winner Barbi Henneberger of Germany was a full seven seconds off the pace. Heggtveit placed first in the first of two runs and was second in the second run. On Feb. 7, 1959 at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Heggtveit became the first North American to earn the Arlberg-Kandahar Trophy, the most prestigious award in alpine skiing, given to the winner of the combined slalom and downhill events. She won the award in the midst of traumatic circumstances. As she writes in a 2002 edition of "Skiing Heritage": "In the morning our fellow Canadian John Semmelink was killed running the men's downhill - right before the women's downhill was about to begin. I heard the news just prior to my run in the slalom. But I managed to take second in the slalom. Together with my previous third place in the downhill that gave me the coveted combined Arlberg Kandahar title." Despite suffering various injuries between 1955 and 1957, she still earned a spot on Canada's team at the 1956 Winter Olympics in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. In 1954, 15-year-old Heggtveit became the youngest winner of the Holmenkollen giant slalom event in Norway. The first race Heggtveit won was at the age of seven, taking the women's senior slalom and combined events at Wakefield, Que. in Jan. 1947. Heggtveit is a member of the Order of Canada. She was awarded the Lou March Trophy as Canada's athlete of the year in 1960. She was inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame that same year. She made the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame in 1971 and was one of the first inductees into Canada's Ski Hall of Fame in 1982. A ski run at the Camp Fortune Ski Resort outside of Ottawa is named in her honour. Though the broadcast date for this report was Dec. 31, 1960, Heggtveit actually won her event on Feb. 26, 1960.
  19. Powder Day = Sick Day. My first plan was to drive up to Mont Ste-Marie for an epic day. Take note Mont Ste-Marie advertised on their website that they didn't groom all the runs, leaving the snow free. More hills should do this! whats with all the grooming on a epic powder day. Anyway by the time I dug out of my driveway and got out of Ottawa it was already 8:30 and I needed to be back in town by 2. So Camp Fortune it was. Made it to Skyline by 8:45, got first chair. Though most runs had been groomed there was lots of fresh powder was on top, in fact the snow was picking up and it would snow heavy throughout the day. Free refills. First tracks were on Heggtveit which opened the day before. Swan Dive is not yet open but with more snow in the forecast for Saturday it should be soon. Sparks had some ungroomed fresh on the right side and Slalom seemed to have lots of fresh snow, maybe in was groomed first or last night? The lift lines were pretty much zero but picked up a little by 11. There were kids on the hill, on a school day? Ahhh not so in Quebec, it was a PD day. Regardless it was a great snow filled day at Fortune. Waiting for the lift to open. Skyline, looking good Fresh Chute Dude dropping the knee on Heggtveit Chute Slalom on the valley side Lots of fresh on Slalom just wish the lift was closer. Bring back the T-bar. POW on Clifford Heggtveit by 11 Killer day
  20. Took in a few afternoon hours at Camp Fortune. January 1st has always been a good day for skiing as its generally pretty quiet. Today it was really quiet since the high was like -20c! The skiing was good though with well groomed runs of hard packed snow. Fortune has been busy making snow all week. Tomorrow Slalom opens. Upper Canadian and Chute will open later this week. Best runs of the day were Bud Clark and Sparks. Happy New Year!
  21. The best Boxing Day deal today was going skiing. It was fairly clear that the majority of people you would have expected to be skiing had chosen to go shopping instead, leaving the mountain in pristine condition and contributing to no line-ups at the lifts. Thank you! As yesterday was Christmas Day and Camp Fortune was closed, the snow and conditions today were excellent. The fresh snow from the recent snowfall made the slopes perfectly soft and smooth. In fact, the only hard spots or ice I found was in the steepest portions of the expert trail Bud Clark. The rest of the mountain was offering the fresh fluffy stuff, with several spots to sneak in some first tracks. The skiable domain continues to grow, and already the Valley side is almost completely open, with the exceptions of Slalom and Duffy. Meech is in great shape with Paradise. It's sister trail, North American is no doubt on the short list to open in the near future if the natural snow keeps coming. Skyline opened for the first time on Saturday and already is offering up its classic trails, such as Sparks and Bud Clark and Lower Canadian. The best trails to ski today were Clifford and Marshall, as well as Sparks. The snow on these trails was just perfect, a good base with soft fluffy snow on top, and in certain places several inches of powder. Just perfect. With the continuing cold weather forecasted for the week ahead, it will give that extra boost to snowmaking efforts and help get the last few trails opened up. Even better, night skiing starts December 27th (Wednesday) so you will be able to ski under the stars. I'm definitely coming away very satisfied and impressed with the ski season thus far. The natural snowfall has not disappointed, and neither has the mountain. We are experiencing mid-January ski conditions right now, several weeks ahead of schedule. Now is the time to head up to the mountains and do some skiing, with family, friends or solo. I guarantee you will go home completely stoked and ready for your next day out, because this year, snow is the gift that keeps on giving. Pineault on the Valley side. Clifford on the Valley side. Marshall on the Valley side. The T-Bar area, all natural snow, mainly for alpine touring these days as the lift rarely operates. Sparks on the Skyline side. Bud Clark on Skyline. Lower Canadian on Skyline. Paradise on the Meech side of the mountain. The beginner slopes and the double magic carpets. Allen's Alley (the classic beginner trail of Camp Fortune). Happy Holidays and Happy Skiing!
  22. I skied a double header at Camp Fortune to check on conditions and catch the opening of the Skyline side. Friday I skied in the afternoon and Saturday in the morning. Marshall opened on Friday. Bud Clark, Lower Canadian and Sparks opened on Saturday. Snow was being blown on Allen's Alley on Friday and on Saturday the guns were moved to Slalom. Expect them both to open soon. Clifford, Paradis and Sparks had the best snow conditions. Bud Clark and Marshall were a little choppy from the man-made snow gravel. Lower Canadian on Skyline was decent though. The right side of Clifford was being used for racing so its iced up a bit. Crowds were small for the beginning of the Christmas break and heavy snow began to fall on Saturday. I think we ended up getting like 7-10cms! so Sunday should be great. Happy Holidays, ski on! Marshall with Alexander and MacDonald in the background. The last few years the t-bar has not been used and both runs are only accessed by alpine touring now. Clifford Skyline is open! Sparks
  23. When the weather starts getting colder and colder, most skiers start counting the days till their favorite mountain opens. Some start counting right from the last day of the previous season (spoiler... that's me). The wait is over, the countdown is at 0, today was my first day out on the slopes for the new season. While it may only be my first day out, it is the third day of the season at Camp Fortune and conditions are amazing. Like past years mother nature having up till now only provided cold weather and a fairly valueless snowstorm, the snowmaking experts at the mountain took up the challenge and now have Pineault open to the joy of skiers and snowboarders. The snow surface is firm with some loose snow on top (like icing on a cake). I couldn't have asked for more, as the snow allowed me to open things up with some speed and push out some quick turns down the mountain. Yes, it was all coming back to me... the exhilaration of powering through turn after turn... the excitement of pulling off a quick and sudden stop, spraying snow off to the sides... the mandatory chairlift rituals of reviewing the last run and talking to your fellow chairlift riders about their time out. YES... winter is here and the ski season along with it! Between my runs down the mountain, I took the opportunity to scope out recent changes and improvements at Camp Fortune for this season. New this year are RFID access gates, installed at all the main lifts at Camp Fortune. Upon your initial visit, your lift ticket or season pass will be loaded onto an RFID (radio-frequency identification card). This card can be placed anywhere in your jacket (away from other cards or cell phones to prevent interference). Upon approaching the gates at the lift, with a valid card they will open and grant you access. On future visits, you can reload your card from home or on your cell phone, avoiding the ticket counter and heading directly to the lifts. It's as simple as that. A nice bonus is return visitors who already have their Express Card can take advantage of a discount on their lift ticket purchases. This type of technology is very prominent in Canada and the USA (Sommet Saint-Sauveur and Jay Peak for example), so it is great to see it being adopted at Camp Fortune due to the benefits it brings. Also new at all main lifts are red ski mats in the loading areas, designed to ensure a smooth and flat surface to reach and board the chair. Gone are the days of small slopes or ruts. Getting into the right position is now much easier and I'm sure will result in fewer stoppages of the chairlifts from misloads. Pineault being the snowpark trail at the mountain did have some boxes and rails set up for jibbers and boarders alike. With the season now launched, the mountain is ready to take advantage of the favorable snowmaking weather to expand the skiable terrain as soon as possible. With any luck Paradise on the Meech side will be ready next weekend, so stay tuned. If you made it out to Camp Fortune this past weekend, let us know about your time out on the slopes by sharing with us your story, experience, and photos below. Have a great week ahead and happy skiing
  24. From Camp Fortune's newsletter: Ski season is here! We open Friday, November 24! Grab your skis and boards and join us for our opening day. We are committed to offering you the longest season possible and will be the first ski hill in the Outaouais to open. Hours of operation: November 24 from 9 am to 4 pm November 25 from 9 am to 4 pm November 26 from 9 am to 4 pm. Lift passes: $20 (+tx) for adults/students/seniors $15 (+tx) for youth 7-12 6$ (+tx) for 6 and under and 80 + Season passes: regular season pass rules apply. Almost Anytime and unlimited passes are valid. Conditions: Pineault will be open and we continue making snow and open more runs as soon as we can. We are working 24 / 7 when the weather allows.
  25. Some more retro action. A brochure from 1973 promoting ski resorts in the Outaouais.