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    Camp Fortune - January 20, 2019

    That looks amazing and I can't believe it doesn't look totally slammed even with some empty chairlifts! And Swan Dive is open?! Wow. I like how you start your day on the most difficult run hehe. After a week of fighting it off I caught my partner's cold and slept til 5 today so I'm thinking no skiing for me tonight One more evening of rest though and tomorrow, it's on! @Paul three hours to shovel out?! Driveway or street parking?! I'm about to head downstairs and start shoveling out. Depending on what time I finish I was thinking of going to Bromont but very likely I'm staying in to nurse my cold.
  2. Yeah my friend was there the other night and she said people were stuck on it for 1.5 hours!!!! And that night was cold, but at least not cold like tonight. Imagine being stuck on the chair in this weather, ick. I'm sure it'll get sorted. I honestly expected some lift glitches which is perhaps why I haven't hightailed it out to Bromont to activate my pass yet. I had honestly planned to avoid the chodola altogether and stick to the super slow old lift, it's always a nice ride anyways.
  3. Ocean

    Incoming weather!

    Global and the weatherman says we have an incoming polar vortex due to last into February, bringing snow (yes please) and extreme cold (bundle up!). fingers x'd it's more snow than cold https://globalnews.ca/news/4851800/polar-vortex-ontario-quebec-winter-storm/?fbclid=IwAR1WZ0LJaA4_EMGUjlNAJ-rkAYByVGw0DklSbC1Qxc9wISVYVspXIFt1vj0
  4. Ocean

    Incoming weather!

    @Gordo let me know! I could maybe do a Monday afternoon. Sunday at Bromont probably. 25-40 cm in the townships, 18+ inches at Jay Peak, Killington is calling for 2 feet. Maybe 15-20 cm at Saint-Sauveur but it keeps shifting. No major warnings for Montreal so your drive to Sutton should be ok til you get on the 10 if it is really blowing.
  5. Ocean

    Brief power outage in West Quebec - Jan 16, 2019

    @Shane you earlybird, you beat me to it!
  6. Ocean

    Mont Gleason - January 15, 2019

    Sounds like a great outing, with great views too! I had not heard of Gleason before so great to hear about it!
  7. Ocean

    Camp Fortune - January 12, 2019

    Wow, McDonald and Alexander never opened last year?! It seems to me that most years they open sparingly and I totally forgot about the t-bar. I seem to recall that I liked at least one of those trails, but I haven't been on one since maybe 2011! Sounds like a nice day @Gordo, I spent the day slacking yesterday and did a three hour long home spa (space heater + shower steam, plus essential oils). Hoping to get out again tomorrow night
  8. Ocean

    Mont Tremblant - January 8, 2019

    The duck wings at that one spot are amazing (the round one right at the base with the huge patio, I forget the name). My biggest critique of the food at the top is during BBQ season, the hot dogs and burgers they are making are so horrid for the price they charge, the burgers are basically reheated and the hotdog buns are those folded pieces of bread! The BBQ at the base I haven't found much better either
  9. Ocean

    Where are you skiing next

    @Shane another ski buddy just had a baby in mid december and has already been back on the slopes! The family that skis together... 😉 fingers x'd your situation allows a few outings however brief I thought I was going to ski this weekend but nope. Instead I'm fattening up for the winter with shirred eggs and baked brie. Likely will head to Bromont on Monday or Tuesday!
  10. hah, I was just thinking a demo day thread would be great and here it is!
  11. Ocean

    Mont Tremblant - January 8, 2019

    Looks like an amazing day! I figured Tremblant would get the best of it and it's a rare occasion that the temps are so favourable in January! "Le" Edge lol...I guess OQLF got to them? I stayed in last night but am hitting up Saint-Sauveur tonight!
  12. I am determined to try a few new spots this season, so I thought I'd start a thread where we can list out all the reduced price lift ticket deals we come across, such as cheap lift ticket, 2 for 1 deals, and so on. To start the list I looked for deals for individual skiers, there are also a number of family special and equipment rental deals I didn't track here. Please add to the list as you find deals! First up: Mont Habitant is $19.99 on Saturday evenings and $15 Sunday evenings if you buy the lift ticket online (starting January 6th). They also have various other deals on food and equipment. As they are a short drive from Sommet Sauveur, I'm going to try and check them out this year https://www.monthabitant.com/en/rates/#promo Camp Fortune has 2 for 1 skiing on Tuesdays (starting Jan 2) and Saturday (starting Dec 29): https://campfortune.com/en/special-offers-savings/ La Reserve has a deal to ski $15 daytimes Monday to Friday (after January 7th, excluding March break): http://www.skilareserve.com/fr/horaires-et-tarifs/Tarification-journaliere-new Mont Saint-Bruno has a a 2 for 1 deal Thursdays and ski for $14 after 5PM Sundays: http://www.skisaintbruno.ca/en/promotions.html Mont Cascades is slightly cheaper if you buy your ticket online ahead of time: https://montcascades.ca/ski/season-passes-and-tickets/tickets/
  13. Such a unique feature in an urban centre for sure! in other news, Mont Blanc: Liftopia has some deals on for some mountains and quickly scanning the list, looks like Mont Blanc offers the best deal at (variably) 22% off. Factor in the USD exchange rate when purchasing tickets, it could still result in some small savings
  14. @Shane after a lot of customer complaints around the new pricing last season, Tremblant kept its Latitude card which it had initially planned to eliminate. The earlybird used to be $52/day and now it's $59/day which is still decent. Also, they have tiered pricing during the day so if you're just wanting to go for a few hours, it's something like $27 after 2:30pm. This works best in the spring when the lifts run til 5. I have four Latitude days and will likely save them til spring and stay at the Cap Tremblant with their $222 for two nights (plus weekend surcharge) deal.
  15. yeah Stowe is Epic now and can suck it. You'll still be able to get a Killington Spring Beast Pass around St-Patty's weekend for $225 that allows you to ski every single day til end of season: wait for it
  16. Ocean

    Owl's Head - January 5, 2019

    Let me know when you go that!
  17. Ocean

    Owl's Head - January 5, 2019

    That fog though!! And wow, you can see Jay Peak!!! Looks like an absolutely beautiful day for it, and I'm looking forward to checking it out this year (pending my ability to wake up in the morning and be functional)! Love the view from the lodge!
  18. Ocean

    Camp Fortune - January 3, 2019

    Wow they have burritos now?! Are they any good? Just a recommendation for post night skiing, the Chelsea Pub has THE BEST poutine ever and also a pretty delicious grilled cheese I think. Sounds like a fun night! I was at Saint-Sauveur for the last few hours of that night, there was also some good powder on the ground, but no rain.
  19. On the second day in January 2019 I went back in time, to review the abundance of photos from our NYE experience at Sommet St-Sauveur! The mountain was offering an NYE dinner at 7pm with limited availability on the second floor of the T-bar, I actually missed out on the opportunity for the $109 per person tickets for that back in November, but then again, I'd rather be skiing at that hour anyways. I called in advance to find out that the first floor of the T-bar was business as usual for skiers, riders, and guests, only with a limited menu and much less seating than usual. The forecast was calling for 15-20cm of snow, but it hadn't started falling by the time we left home. The NYE festivities included skiing til 9pm, indoor and outdoor djs (which was great because if you disliked the track selection of one space, you could move to the other), a midnight countdown (champagne included if you had purchased a dinner ticket), and most importantly: fireworks! We arrived around 7:30pm, the Avila side was closed and so were the Atomic and La Fleche lifts. I was surprised Atomic wasn't running, but assume they were preparing for the fireworks show later on. L'Etoile, my favourite lift, was up and running, and the La Plagne access was already roped off by the time we got up the lift. The atmosphere was already festive on arrival, with the outdoor dj up and running and a crowd of people enjoying the outdoor bar. At that hour, trail selection was a bit limited, with Nordique, 70 Ouest and the Rockstar park fully open, and a cat trail over to 70 East. Still: skiing on NYE, can't complain! I was joined by my partner Scott and our friend Ilana. Conditions were hard pack granular and still pretty icy after the rain we had during the week, but not the worst I've seen. With a short line and a somewhat slow chair, we only got in 5-6 runs but they were good ones...and of course just after our final run it started snowing! We stopped into the bar for some snacks of wings and "rustic" fries and some pints of Griffintown, then headed back outside to settle in. The fireworks show began with a procession of lights at 10pm, I'm guessing it was the ski patrol and other mountain employees, each carrying a stick with flares (or LEDs?) at each end. They snaked down the bottom of 70 Ouest in perfect formation, and it was quite a sight, as the night skiing lighting was out, the red lighting of the flares cast a warm glow on the mountain. Following the procession, at 10:15pm, the fireworks show began! I managed to catch a lot of photos and some video as well. After the fireworks show, there was still just over an hour to kill until midnight. With all the snow falling, people were hiking up the Nordique with sleds and lunch trays for a snowy ride down, and the accumulation was fast enough that there was some soft cushioning. I took my first flying saucer ride in years!! And hiking in the snow was pretty great too. At midnight we popped the small bottles of Henkell Trocken we had brought with us, and rang in the new year right next to the trail map at the base. We did one more run on the flying saucer after that, before heading home. To my dismay, on the ride down the 15 south, the big fluffy flakes turned into sleet, and then freezing rain, and then just straight up pouring rain. It was a bit anticlimatic going from the winter wonderland back to the wetness of the city. Fortunately, the snow continued at Saint-Sauveur making for a perfect first ski of 2019 as I wrote in my other post. Here's some snaps from the evening and a video of the fireworks! First ride of the night up L'Etoile! Getting ready for the first run of the night with Ilana! She's ready to go... as am I! Looking down the 70 Ouest. Looking up the 70 Ouest on the last run of 2018! A crowd assembles at the chalet. The procession of lights begins! This was really quite spectacular to watch. Panorama from the bottom pitch of 70 Ouest during our last run. So close we could see the rockets launch! The next several shots are the best ones I captured of the fireworks! The chalet at the end of the evening. Below, a quick live show! IMG_1489.mp4
  20. @Shane yes it was great and also a super affordable way to spend NYE! Definitely would do again
  21. Update: so apparently the Chondola opened, and then promptly closed due to some issue. It was "indefinitely" closed but is now reopened. Perhaps a trip is in order
  22. Ocean

    Camp Fortune - December 31, 2018

    My guess is that Meech is underused because it's rarely open. I don't think they do snowmaking on those trails, or do they? Also though, that chair is super slow.
  23. After the previous evening's festivities, it took me a bit of effort to rally, but I finally talked myself into braving the dropping temps to head up to Saint-Sauveur, which would make up for my annual skipping of the Coney Island polar bear dip. Our day started with a 5pm brunch of mimosas, bacon, and eggs benedict (back story: Scott made a delicious ham and it is incredible on eggs benny!). After brunch I managed to locate all the items I'd shed the night before and a pair of dry mittens and headed up to the mountain. I arrived just after 8:30pm and while it was still busy enough that there was a wait to get on the Atomic chair, the crowd was thinning as the temperature dropped. Not wanting to spend a lot of time waiting in line, I headed over to Cote 68 and was rewarded with a nearly empty hill. There was some improvement from the iciness of the previous day, and the snow was fast and squeaky like fresh cheese curds. After a few runs I headed back over to the Atomic lift via Pingouin/Red Bird and then did a few easy runs down Jay and Red Bird. Jay was much icier than some of the other runs, for some reason. I saved the Cote 70 Est/Ouest bottom for the last run, figuring it would also be a bit icy, but the top half was pretty decent, and the bottom pitch of 70 Ouest was its usual mogul-ey goodness with just a few bare spots. So it turned out the glorious snowfall of the previous night helped improve conditions somewhat, but we could definitely use a few more dumps of snow after the conditions of the past week. It was a quick trip but a perfect way to start off the new year! Looking down Cote 68, decent coverage here. Looking up Cote 68 - there were just two skiers off to my right, but otherwise I had the hill to myself! Thanks to my (future) mother in law for the comfy and warm polka dot mitts! Taking the Atomic lift over Cote 70. The view from the middle of Jay! Looking au natural and a little rosy-cheeked in the car afterwards!
  24. Delighted! @Paul I have yet to get in any daytime skiing this season....soon?! I was contemplating Bromont tonight just because I need to go get my Northeast pass, and it's cold so maybe I'll just do a few runs. Or not. Maybe wait until tomorrow....tbd! @Shane yeah there is just the one pitch near the old t-bar (?) lift that seems to get icy, the edges along that are ok though.