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  1. hahahaha is that what they are promoting! lol Manoir beds are comfy - can confirm! It is actually Bromont that has the world`s largest nightskiing with 7 versants and skiing til 2am every second weekend at Nuit Blanche (unclear if they will do that this year). St-Sau is great though and in close proximity to Montreal. The hot tub at Manoir closes at 9 and skiing at 10 so you can`t do both on the same day unfortunately. I do wish they`d consider opening the nordik spa later at night!
  2. oh, also Val St-Come has night skiing til midnight every few weeks and is another great spot!
  3. @Après Skier rather than prepare an inflexible itinerary, I would suggest watching the weather for the timing of your trip and then travelling to the best spots....for instance if there is snow in Charlevoix start there instead of Tremblant. You could also potentially fly into Burlington VT and rent a car there, and then start or end your trip at Jay Peak (or Stowe, Smuggs, MRG, Burke, or others). This also makes the Eastern Townships an easy start or end point since it's basically on the way to VT. Lodging recommendations between Montreal and Tremblantt: Cap Tremblant - about a te
  4. Alterra has added Red Mountain to its Icon community for the coming season! https://www.alterramtnco.com/news/2020/09/01/red-mountain-in-british-columbia-joins-the-ikon-pass-community-for-the-20-21
  5. I think the virtual model will work great - I do wonder if there will be daily caps on the number of tickets available per mountain. Because of covid, a lot of the US resorts will now have a reservation system for day tickets. St-Sauveur during the summer had a reservation process for the capacity-limited water park, and I wonder if mountains will be doing the same kind of thing and how the passe parfait might figure into that. I guess we'll find out!
  6. So far pretty similar to what we're seeing elsewhere in the NorthEast!
  7. I know that when I think of opening a new business, I always want to kick it off during a pandemic season in which many other operators will be struggling! https://www.powder.com/stories/interviews/saddleback-maine-ski-resort-will-reopen-after-five-year-closure/
  8. Interesting news @Paul that's great to know! Actually it's good you didn't cross the border this past season...since people were already getting infected at ski resorts between January and March!
  9. @Gordo well Jay Peak started an initiative to do longer term rentals for the work from home set and given that will be continuing for some time I'm sure it will draw people out of the cities who are able to WFH from anywhere. I am one of those people and would consider this same opportunity in Charlevoix however my partner occasionally might need to physically go to the office as he is the senior sys admin and on call every few weeks. Too bad as it would be pretty great to spend a few months living out there. I have not heard anything from MSS yet, their regular range of passes are on sal
  10. Hey @Paul yes indeed Killington has thrown in the towel, not that it would have mattered much for us with the border closed. Meanwhile MSS has been teasing their conditions all week and they sound hopeful that they will be allowed to briefly reopen. They are ready to go if they get the green light by the 24th they say. Bromont is open for mountain biking tomorrow and with a similar setup to skiing, this makes me somewhat hopeful but if you read the government list of allowed activities it is all stuff that is mostly solo activity and limited access to any facilities like washrooms. So I guess
  11. Hi @Shane, @Gordo, @Paul: hope you are all well! It SNOWED all weekend! In some places. Not Montreal. We got some flurries Friday AM but that was about it, Saturday's storm did not deliver. Friends in NVT and NNY got 2-4 inches and it's snowing AGAIN today. There is some ongoing chatter about reopening some resorts for uphill in VT although this would be a locals only approach. I am still holding out some hope that St-Sauveur will get the green light to open for a few days in May with some social distancing safety practices (it's never that busy in May anyways). Some mountains in Ca
  12. Hey @Paul, hope you're doing well along with @Gordo and @Shane. Yesterday a friend in Kosovo "took me skiing" -- he started a meme where you write your friends' names on your skis and tag them to do the same. I don't do "chain mail" posts but I thought it was a nice gesture. Things are a bit more relaxed where he lives for the moment and he was able to go for a hike at his local resort and posted some great photos! Kosovo skison, or what remains of it, is looking good! @Paul you should still be able to get some propane, just use precautions like gloves and a ski mask face covering an
  13. So Montreal is a hotspot now, literally the entire area around my neighbourhood, Outremont, Park Ex, Plateau (includes Mile End). Also @Paul Estrie is a hot spot and people are advised now to go neither to Montreal or Estrie. Stay home and stay in your neighbourhood! ❤️ Maybe we'll get lucky and still have some snow in May for some hikes...
  14. Stoked for this! I had a fantastic time at Val Saint-Côme this year and was delighted to learn there is weekend night skiing available when it is freezing rain everywhere further south and everything is closed!
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