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  1. @Shane I think I stopped to take just one, a pano at the top during the same party they broadcast on fb, it was the kind of day to not stop and take pictures in order to get the maximum number of runs I have photos from Saturday also, but none from Sunday as it was a stop on the way to Ottawa.
  2. Props for touring up there at risk of a fine! I wonder if you can still ski down Edelweiss too!
  3. Also - Saint-Sauveur will likely have the La Plagne and L'Etoile chairs up and running - whether both chairs run will depend on how many people they anticipate. I'd expect it to go maybe thurs thru sunday. I'm going to try for Jay Peak or Killington this weekend if we have the budget.
  4. I can't believe you are all considering stopping at this point when there is still so much snow out there! Spent the last three days at St-Sauveur and even passed on Tremblant's last day for the better vibe at St-Sauveur's final day of the Atomic chair! @Shane St-Sauveur is looking good and they would still be almost fully open this weekend if they didn't have to start breaking down the Atomic chair. btw, they are selling some @ $500/chair, communicate with guest services for info. If you have time for a side trip in May, you can expect 70 Ouest and Nordic to be in great shape through May 20th or maybe beyond! @Gordo that goes for you too - St-Sauveur is not *that* far from Ottawa also there is still Jay Peak, Killington and Sugarbush. @Paul also you. Also I met a guy from Sherbrooke today who told me there's still good terrain to hike over there. come on guys, one month to go!
  5. Well! Good for the owner! Must be nice to have such a great spot all to yourself, friends and family!
  6. ugggh shin bang is the worst and what I experienced that one time I rented boots at Squaw Valley, soooo awful. This is different for sure, my issue is always around the metatarsals (the same part of your foot that hurts with plantar facitis) but also the hypersensitivity of my ankle joints. Tim my boot guy in Killington gave me shit a few years ago about wearing socks over pantyhose (I like to be able to quickly change into evening wear like a good little raver from the 90s), and told me the issue of doing double socks or pantyhose and socks in my case, is that your foot will slide more which is not favourable. So I stopped doing that. He also pointed out you no longer need the big thick socks like we used to as the sock technology has improved and thinner socks are just as good as the old style. I never actually had shin bang except that one time at Tahoe but I always feel it when I accidentally tuck my leggings in to my boots. That day, Tim also gave me shit for not having buckled up my boots after skiing - so yeah because of that, I always meticulously buckle and pack my boots in their boot bag. I was thinking maybe part of the cause was the boots had sat idle for a few months and hardened up...or maybe I just stopped noticing that the boots were hurting?! I'll check them again once I wax n sharpen the skis that go with them. Sometimes on a bigger mountain I get more strain, especially if I'm dehydrated (read: hung over). This felt a bit like that, but worse. I definitely plan to visit Tim's shop next time I'm in Killington and see if he can do more modifications! For now I waxed my Nordica fitted skis and am sticking with that. They're not perfect but much better than the Langes just now!
  7. I am more than ok with this Come on June 1st we can do it!! Even if it means hiking.
  8. Epilogue: I left my skis at the shop for some hot wax.
  9. @Shane yup and if only the Edelbahn was just a bit faster!! Depending on their staff availability and conditions they could also opt to open La Plagne which would be nice. Or I guess we can just poach it. I definitely agree that there is a great variety of trails off just those two lifts (Atomic and L’Etoile)!
  10. SURPRISE!! It's unexpected powder day! I woke up far too early this morning and saw some fat flakes falling but kind of assumed it was just a tease. The snow continued falling and picked up in intensity. So much so that my partner called me from the office just to tell me how much it was snowing!! I had returned my (compact SUV: snow driving appropriate) rental car the previous night, and was kicking myself for not having checked the weather. Just before noon, I sprang into action and booked myself a compact at the shop down the street, and off I went. I should mention, because renting in Quebec, you normally get winter tires, compacts have served me just fine this winter. Today: not so much. I picked up a Ford Fiesta and the wheels started spinning almost right away. Nevertheless, I hit the road, skis and board packed in this tiny car and off I went to Saint-Sauveur. It only took about an extra 25 minutes to arrive than normal - traffic was snarled even at 1:30 in the afternoon! I got to the hill and after managing some work related affairs, got ready and hit the hill about 3:30 or so. That only left about 1.5 hours to ski but some skiing is better than no skiing for sure! I had brought the lesser waxed skis which was maybe a mistake but the tradeoff was uncomfortable boots with the better waxed skis and I did not feel down for reliving my Sunday experience at Tremblant. After yesterday's rain, there weren't a whole lot of runs open, especially by the time I got there, so I only got to hit Red Robin, 70 Est and Jay - Epervier and Tom Barbeau looked open before my arrival, or someone was just poaching it. Since there weren't a whole lot of people there today, the limited availability of runs wasn't an issue and it was pretty easy to make fresh tracks all day long! The snow was coming down full-on when I arrived, and was cold enough that I actually had to wear my mask and full on goggles!! The usual seven minute cycle became a ten minute cycle with at least 15 cm of powder under my not-waxed-enough skis and it was fresh tracks each run!! Finally, at the end of the day, I piled into my last-minute rental Fiesta pretty drenched, and quickly realized I was stuck!! And no matter what I did I couldn't get out. Lucky for me, two guys who were also leaving late drove over and pushed me out, and it was hard even for them as the snow under the wheels had turned icy in the short time I'd been there. But also, pretty sure this car does not have winter tires!! I finished off the day with a quick stop at the Manoir St-Sauveur while I waited out rush hour and did some day job stuff, and thoroughly enjoyed their Irish Coffee along with a few super affordable and delicious bruschetta snacks. Here's hoping these great conditions hold out til tomorrow!! Did not get a lot of snaps - too wet to bust out the phone! But here are a few. A nice ride up the Atomic lift! Just look at that powder!! oh lawd it's coming down! This was just my second run!
  11. So I have two pairs of boots and skis aligned to each set of boots. The first are Nordicas I got in 2013, a 26.5, half size too big (I had a twisted ankle when I bought them, and the larger size served me well during recovery). I skied with them about three years, til the padding started to wear down and I felt they were getting a bit too slippy. Then I got some Lange 25.5 which is supposedly my actual size (or has been, until now). I had to do significant modification to these, because I have no dorsiflex, ankle issues, and a high arch, so they have a lift, an insole, and some other work done on them. After that work was done, these boots did pretty well by me for the last few years. They were super awful before I had any of the work done. My boot guy is amazing. In Feb I switched back to the Nordicas, intending it to be a temporary switch while I tuned my other set of skis, but I ended up sticking with them for the last few months. The last two times I switched back to my Lange boots, they absolutely murdered my feet and I had to literally stop and take them off and shake my feet out a few times! So my question is, what is going on here?! Is it possible the plastic "hardened" back into its original shape from lack of regular use while I wasn't wearing them? (I mean, it wasn't like that after summer!). I skiied in them from Oct-Feb this year without issue, and now they feel awful for some reason, they are totally crushing my metatarsals (which is one of the issues I had previously fixed). Has something like this ever happened to you guys?? Do I need to go have some 1:1 time with my boot guy again?? (getting new boots isn't in the cards for me this season or early next season).
  12. Wow I didn't know they also got 15cm!! I definitely was in the wrong corner that weekend for sure.
  13. @Shane indeed that will make a nice upgrade, especially for early season laps on reason!
  14. @Shane actually the Edelbahn was having some trouble back in Feb, it kept stopping and they apparently couldn't figure out why, although it seems to me they fixed it by end of the month. I stuck to the Streif lift mostly this season. @Gordo looks like a great day! Glad I made it there a few times this season myself!!
  15. @Shane you have got til May 20th at least. Bring the fam to a Saint-Sauveur outing on a sunny day! I checked the forecast last night: all around miserable everywhere today (I mean I like skiing in the rain, but not this much rain). Killington was showing the best possibility with Jay Peak as another skiable option, but I really just wasn't feeling a drive in the rain. So I held out for the final night skiing at Saint-Sauveur intending to make a weekend trip report of it since I took no photos last night, but nope: they closed at 5pm today citing the weather. There appears to be snow forecasted there tomorrow so we'll see where I end up. Night skiing is now officially over in our region so I guess I'll have to actually start getting up in the morning if I want to get any turns in (or just stay up all night...heh.) Next Saturday and Sunday I'll be at Tremblant for sure, rain or shine. Maybe Friday but that is less likely. I still have my four days to use there before season's end! No skiing for me from Mon-Thurs this week as I won't have a car. But work has been nuts anyways which is why I am several trip reports behind!
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