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  1. Ocean

    Skiing as Santa @ le Massif!

    I was sad to miss skiing Santa day at Sunday River in Maine, and stoked to hear le Massif is hosting a Journée des Pères Noël this Sunday the 16th! The Santas will meet at 1pm at the exterior of the peak chalet for a group photo and descent en masse. Lift tickets are $15 for everyone in a Santa costume, which has to include at least two costume items, tuque, beard, coat or pants. Yet to see if I'll be functional enough in the morning to make it to this event, but thought I'd pass it along Here's the info on fb: https://www.facebook.com/events/737450273291145/ and here's some inspiration from Maine! https://www.johnnyjet.com/video-santa-sunday-river-maine/
  2. I guess we'll find out soon! I plan to visit later this week
  3. Well it has been some time since my last trip report! This is owing to having dropped my phone and cracked the screen, so it's not as easy to take photos when the snow is falling, risking the phone getting wet! I've actually been to Sommet Saint-Sauveur a few times a week since last month, and had the pleasure of seeing the openings of Nordique, 70 Est, Cote 68, Devaleuse and finally Jay over the last several weeks.The mountain now has 13 runs open during the day and 12 at night, with three chair running during peak hours, along with the magic carpet on the beginner slope. There have been several days with a light dusting of snow to a few inches, and a couple of really cold nights. Tonight, on my last day off work, I made it up for the last few hours of the evening. As luck would have it, I arrived tonight just as the snow started coming down around 8:30pm, and quickly got ready to hit all the runs before the 10pm closing. The parking lot looked pretty full but there was never a line for the lift and lots of empty chairs. The air was crisp but not too cold, and the flurries came down fast and furious but didn't last too long. Since the Flèche d'Argent lift closes earliest, I rode up the Atomic and took the transit over to Cote 68 and Devaleuse. I was hoping the day's flurries would have provided a bit of new coverage but discovered that both runs were thin cover with some icy patches on some sections, similar to my visit last Tuesday. After three quick runs I headed back over to the Atomic lift to hit Jay for the first time this year! Jay and Red Bird both had better coverage, I think both these runs have a bit better protection from the prevailing winds. Capping off the night I did some lightning quick runs down Cote 70 Est and the bottom section of Cote 70 Ouest as the transit to the top of 70 Ouest and Nordique was closed. I finished off the night with an easy run down Red Bird. As it was a quick evening trip, I didn't snap too many photos but here's a couple! A quiet night, a quiet ride up Flèche d'Argent. Looking down at 70 Est under the Atomic lift. It wasn't freezing but definitely chilly enough to need a scarf. Second last run down the 70 Ouest, just look at those perfectly formed moguls! No, I didn't hit them. They are much bigger than they look in this photo!
  4. Ocean

    Mont Orford - November 30, 2018

    Looks like a great trip! I dig the orange board of the person on the Pente Douce lift
  5. Ocean

    Camp Fortune - November 24, 2018

    @Gordo those are intriguing! I’ve never seen them before, sounds fun! @Shane I say I’m going to do that every year and I’m incapable of starting my day early enough to actually make a tour of all Les Sommets happen. Maybe this year? @Paul I have a friend from NY who does cross-state mountain hopping almost every year. It can happen! I eagerly await your trip report
  6. Ocean

    New Painted Trailmaps of Les Sommets

    Love this artistry!
  7. Ocean

    Camp Fortune - November 24, 2018

    Looks like a nice day you guys! Looks like an early day for you Shane? I got up at 4pm today and am slowly getting ready to go to Saint-Sauveur. I like to point out just now that the real keeners can now ski *two* mountains in the same day, if you are keen enough to drive from one to the other Sutton or Camp Fortune daytime, Saint-Sauveur apres-ski! 10/10 would do it. Gordo what are snowshoe skis?!
  8. Ocean

    New ownership at Vallée Bleue

    Wow, 55 years...glad to see they sold the ownership to some people and not to a consortium May the next owners keep it going!
  9. Ocean

    Camp Fortune has fired up the guns

    Looking good!
  10. Looks like a great day for a visit, and more snow than what I was expecting to see!
  11. It was quite lovely and not too cold but with a chill in the wind. Today was still colder!
  12. This micro trip report is brought to you by a lack of sleep the previous night. Made it to the hill at 3:15 but I didn't read the fine print, closing was at 4pm! Just enough time for a few good runs on this snowy day with 20 cm of freshly fallen sticky powder. This is the first time so far that we had to wait in a line to get on the chair, there were a ton of people out. And while Nordique and the Rockstar park (top) were roped off, it wasn't stopping people from dipping under the line, with many fresh tracks covering the runs - definitely for rock skis. After the lift closed we headed over to Axis Boutique and met some familiar faces from AKAMP. The day was a tease and I'll be back tomorrow to enjoy more of it! Nordique top is significantly improved over last week's bare grass. L'Etoile brought a steady stream of skiers and riders up to the top of 70 Ouest. It was pretty grey with a lot of blowing wind, but still not too cold. The view looking towards the base and not yet open Atomic chair. Ilana getting ready to shred!
  13. Ocean

    Sommet Saint-Sauveur Sunday Nov 4!

    Delighted @Paul! And yes @Gordo I love getting out early and late season! I slack a lot in January. When I was in Ottawa I'd ski camp fortune 4/5 nights of the week because it was a 20 minute drive from the office, but some of that is showing up, doing two runs and then taking a few shots of whiskey at the bar when conditions aren't favourable. It looks like we are in for up to a foot of snow at St-Sauveur this weekend so I'll be there for sure, although I'm sad to not be at Killington with my Veteran friends on Sunday.
  14. A friend of mine posted this and it is delightful! ❤️
  15. I had initially planned to go to Saint-Sauveur on Saturday but the anticipated night skiing didn't happen due to the weather. So I headed up on Sunday afternoon, arriving around 3:30 to the beginning of sunset. Some people were still arriving and some were leaving and mentioned it was pretty icy, which wasn't surprising given last week's rain. I got ready and headed to L'Etoile, currently the only running chairlift serving the 70 Ouest. What a difference a week makes - compared to the previous week's coverage of natural snow, the Nordique was almost bare all the way up, with just a few snowy patches remaining. The 70 Ouest itself had corn in some spots but for the most part was thin cover over ice, with some short sections of only ice. Sharp edges were useful here! The snowpark also changed as the pipe was out and only the rail remained, but people were still lined up to ride it. The top section of the bottom pitch was pretty bald and even had tall grass poking through in spots - definitely a good day for rock skis. Still, there was just enough coverage that you could avoid the ice by making tight turns to the base....and then do it all over again. Definitely got a few careful descents in and met a lot of happy people out for the first time this season. Nordique bottom has melted Nordique top is looking bare. The 70 West shrank a little bit at the top. Sunset looking towards La Plagne. I don't think this is going to open for a while.... On 70 Ouest mid hill looking up. On 70 Ouest looking downhill on the last run of the day. Obligatory chairlift self-portrait.