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  1. @Gordo ack just saw this, I got there at 7pm and did laps on Skyline with my buddy Pat all night! A little scrapey at the top of Bud Clarke but otherwise a great and slick night! Did you make it? Also; for the second week in a row, ***Free Sandwiches*** at the end of the night courtesy of the Skyline canteen. I am one tuna sandwich and one egg salad sandwich fatter (I was ravenous!). I'll probably go to Edelweiss tomorrow or just do last hour at Camp Fortune. I seem to have finally lost my Passe Parfait card and they can't replace it at Edelweiss since they don't use that pass, however anytime I've been there this season they haven't actually asked to see the pass so I'm hopeful they don't ask me for the $25 replacement fee (Sauveur waived it last time I lost the card).
  2. @Paul you are a gentleman, and a wise one at that! Given I'm limited to street parking, my can will usually sit on the roof of my car chilling til I'm done shoveling. Thankfully I haven't had a lot of that to do this year Just one big dig out so far (I was parked indoors this week).
  3. Mont Rigaud: They offer the option for one hour ($19) and two hour ($29) tickets!
  4. Damn, the morning skiing looks as amazing as the night before at Camp Fortune, less the blizzard. Looks like you picked the right spot!!
  5. @Gordo ahaha I was wondering, I figured you weren't there as you surely could not have missed me. I'm also behind on a few trip reports. I'm sure MSM was dope af! I hit Edelweiss tonight, busiest I've ever seen it!
  6. Good decision to choose skiing over shoveling for sure! However may I suggest next time you prepare a few cold ones to enjoy *while* you are shoveling which also is a great post-skiing cooldown activity. I find some good cardio *after* skiing helps prevent that post powder event stiffness. Upside: it's not sticky or heavy this time around! Looks like a great night!
  7. Find me on Skyline @Gordo!! I won’t recognize your kit but I am very easy to spot obviously
  8. Coin toss for Bromont vs St-Sauveur on Sunday, and then back to Edelweiss/Fortune on Monday-Weds.
  9. @Gordo let's hope that snow starts coming down just in time for 2 for 1 night skiing on Tuesday, I'm planning to go with a friend that night, but probably also Wednesday night! Thursday will be Sauveur or one of its other options on the way back to Mtl.
  10. I'm glad they listened and also allowed us to keep our beloved Latitude card, although they no longer have the megacheap sale to start (used to be $52 now is $59). I don't don't like the Ikon USD fee, they should pick a Canadian standard that is reasonable and stick to it instead of trying to nickel and dime us on the exchange rate.
  11. Ski Chantecler: $19 staff mondays for people who are off work on mondays, but you have to buy two tickets. Still, not bad!
  12. Chilly is closed on the 9th and says to check back to see if they will open on the 10th.
  13. I went last night as well and it was a bit creamier still, although much foggier. I skipped Chute this time though.
  14. I went to Morin Heights tonight but aborted after the first run as it was similar to the EdelweIce experience in patches on the green run, even with a dusting of snow it was pretty sketchy. Saint-Sauveur was fine on Red Bird but crunchy and covered in cookies on Jay and 70 Ouest. The very bottom was a skating rink because the wind blew all the snow off!
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