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  1. Oddly enough, the chairs that would interest me the most (provided I had space to keep them) would be the quad Lake Chairs. Even more so that they are the original detachable quad chairs from Breckenridge. Although, I'd still prefer a chair from the Atomic Express.
  2. Here’s the pricing. That’s if you buy on the spot. If you purchase online in advance you can save around $5-6 dollars. the snow should still be quite good with excellent coverage on the three open trails so regular skis should be safe. I would expect that to change the following weekend and the one after bit for now you should be good. Crazy amount of snow remains.
  3. Thanks for sharing Paul. 22 lifts and 1200 acres of terrain. Should be impressive. Unless I've missed it, I’d love to know how quickly there timeline is for adding all those lifts and terrain. Is it a 5 year plan to build or a 15-20 year? I would like to see it completed. Fingers crossed. Once construction starts I would assume things would stay mostly on track going forward. If they say he hopes to open in 2020-2021 that’s in a year and a half so work would need to start this summer. Unless opening only involves starting with the existing infrastructure and trail networks.
  4. I just found some more information on Calabogie's upcoming real estate project, as well as the ski trail expansion that will result. https://www.calabogie.com/real-estate/ The site master plan shows additional ski trails coming to the new development, as well as lift in this sector (quad chairlift, which would probably be the existing Lakeview Chair that would be moved). A replacement for the existing Lakeview is listed as a Combi lift (so same idea as the Hybrids at Bromont and Orford). No doubt, this would become the main lift on the mountain as its operation would be required to maintain ski access back to those condos and the new trails. The Ecosign plan is dated April 2019, so these are current plans. The development appears quite expansive. Will be interesting to see how things progress and in what timeframe. Calabogie-Peaks-Resort-Development-Concept.pdf
  5. Hi, for the May Madness night ski event on the 18th, it will be $25 plus tax. You can find the complete details here : https://www.sommets.com/en/what-to-do-st-sauveur/2019/sommet-saint-sauveur/may-madness/ You can buy the ticket online at the same link. For daytime I would believe it is the end of season posted rates here : https://www.sommets.com/en/ski-mountains/sommet-saint-sauveur/rate/ But sometimes it gets reduced to the $20s or so, but not finding any info to confirm that's the case now though. Might be worth calling to confirm or sending them a Facebook message.
  6. Just posted to their Facebook page this morning: With all this snow, we will extend the season for the weekends to come: ✅ May 18 to 20 : Confirmed open ✅ May 25th and 26th: Confirmed open ✅ June 1st and 2nd: open if the snow allows ⚠ we don't have a closing date. We will be open as long as it will be possible! ⚠ The Glacier of the Sommet Saint-Sauveur is stronger than ever. Amazing amounts of snow on 2 full tracks as well as a silver park still filled with modules and jumps. We invite our customers to check our operations every weekend on the web at this time of the year.
  7. Sur leur page Facebook ce matin: Avec toute cette neige, nous prolongeons la saison pour les fins de semaine à venir : ✅ 18 au 20 mai : confirmé ouvert ✅ 25 et 26 mai : confirmé ouvert ✅ 1 et 2 juin : ouvert si la neige nous le permet ⚠ Nous n’avons pas de date de fermeture. Nous serons ouverts tant qu’il le sera possible ! ⚠ Le Glacier du Sommet Saint-Sauveur est plus fort que jamais. Des quantités de neige incroyables sur 2 pistes complètes ainsi qu’un Silver park encore rempli de modules et de sauts. Nous invitons notre clientèle à valider nos opérations à chaque fin de semaine sur le web à cette période-ci de l’année. Sommet Saint-Sauveur, c'est la plus longue saison de ski dans l'est du Canada.
  8. I saw a video on Instagram of someone going down either Cote 71 or 72. Some patches here and there but mostly continous from what I could see. Impressive.
  9. Thanks @Reaperskier_274. Surprising how there isn't any mention on their social media as of yet on what will be done, other than it is being removed. I'm sure it will become clear in the near future. Something big like that doesn't go un-noticed for too long.
  10. I know, pretty crazy. Here's a picture from near the end of the week on their instagram. Very different view than any of us probably remember.
  11. So the legendary Atomic Express is now a memory of the Laurentians. It came down on Wednesday. Here is a video and photo that was shared by Sommet Saint-Sauveur on Facebook and Instagram. CE9C4CC0-B303-4B89-8914-3118ECAD0FD8.MOV
  12. Due to some of the summer site upgrades in progress, I had to revert the site to an earlier version (from Wednesday) so this topic and its posts were manually resubmitted.
  13. Peak Resorts isn't Vail Resorts but still hold quite a lot of mountains, one of the biggest ones is Mount Snow in Vermont. Hopefully, nothing happens to any of these mountains should the worst happen. Still a long way from that being an issue though. Here's a full list of their resorts: New Hampshire Attitash Mountain Crotched Mountain Wildcat Mountain Pennsylvania Jack Frost Big Boulder Liberty Mountain Roundtop Mountain Whitetail Resort Vermont Mount Snow New York Hunter Mountain Ohio Alpine Valley Boston Mills Brandywine Mad River Mountain
  14. Sadly no, it was announced on their Facebook that they wouldn't open.
  15. Great report Paul. Impressive that La Plagne and the Cote 71 and 72 are still open. Coverage in those areas looks great, and what's not to love about La Plagne, other than the unfair dreaming that takes place of living in one of those beautiful homes.... oh well.... one day! Any idea if La Plagne and that sector will still be open for next weekend or was it clear this was it? Any other news on the Atomic? Any other dismantling or mainly just the chairs so far? Thanks for the report Paul. Glad you made it out. I'm hoping to make it later in May. My wife and I might stay over at the Manoir so I can ski a few hours. TBD...
  16. Hey @Ocean did you get any pics of the closing of the Atomic? i saw the video on Facebook. End of an era. Let’s hope the new lift is as reliable as the Atomic was. Definitely a big change for the mountain. Eager to see the new finished lift.
  17. Here's the Last Chair video ceremony at Sommet Saint-Sauveur for the Atomic Express. sommet saint-sauveur - atomic.mp4 Video Source : Sommet Saint-Sauveur facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SommetSaintSauveur/videos/623970611361971/ ) Hoping that they share some photos and videos from now until the new chair is open, to show the progress of the removal and installation.
  18. Nice trip Gordo. Looks like you had the place to yourself Definitely, a fun way to end the season. And you are right, still lots of snow. Was it sticky or relatively easy to handle? Thanks for sharing!
  19. Anyone still leaving open the possibility to ski again this season? Or are all finished up? I think I'm finished. Eager to hike.
  20. I just found this great video someone did of a Doppelmayr DT108 detachable grip, showing it entering and exiting the terminals from many different angles. Probably the best video out there. Very cool to watch.
  21. Mount St Louis Moonstone has listed their Louis Express, a 1989 Poma quad detachable chairlift for sale. The mountain is predominantly served by high speed six-pack lifts. Not sure if a new lift will take its place or if it is no longer needed. https://www.saminfo.com/classifieds/advert/889-1989-poma-detachable-quad-chairlift
  22. Found some news on the Balsams project. The House and Senate approved a bill that will enable Less Otten to seek the funding he needs to move ahead with the project and expansion. This is a big step into making things a reality. Now he needs to get funding and there will be consultations with the communities. https://www.conwaydailysun.com/news/local/senate-passes-balsams-bill-sununu-says-he-ll-sign-it/article_14b42750-6227-11e9-ade7-17c4c89143df.html
  23. A big change of open mountains from all the rain being received and forecasted. It would seem like last weekend was really the end. Indeed some mountains will continue for another week or two but in Quebec that will now number in the dozen or less. Would be interesting to see if Mont Chilly does indeed open at some point this weekend. Definitely, an unexpected turn of events if they do. I guess that marks the end of my ski season. Although it did wrap up at the end of December for me this year. Back to form next season that's a promise! Who knows, my wife and I are hoping to do a one night stay in Montreal perhaps in May for a change of scenery. Maybe a quick stop to Sommet Saint-Sauveur, but who knows. For now, I consider myself done for the season. Looking forward to some hiking in the spring and summer. Little Jean-Luc is eager to see some nature.
  24. Amazing conditions. Amazing! What I love about Saint-Sauveur is that even when the only lift open is the Atomic, you still have access to almost a dozen trails, and they are all fun and enjoyable. The core section of the mountain has a good variety. When you stop and think, Edelweiss feels like the size of just Saint-Sauveur's Atomic Express section. Glad to see you got out. Enjoy it while it lasts. Atomic is closing in less than two weeks now. Which will mean from that point on, it will most likely be only 70 Ouest, Nordique and Silver Park.
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