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  1. Yeah the map makes it look confusing but it's rather simple the link from Vanier to Cheval Blanc. From the main chalet at the base of Vanier, you can take a "flat" trail that passes next to the parking, and brings you to the Chalet du Trappeur. From there it is a beginner short downhill slope and with enough speed you should make it to the Cheval chairlift. Alternatively on weekends and holidays, there is a small train or tram that runs between the main chalet and the Chalet du Trappeur. It's a little tractor that pulls two little tram cars through the parking. The return from Cheval to Vanier is all downhill and an actual ski run. It goes quite well. Hopefully one day a better link is made from Vanier to Cheval. That's really the only downpoint of Mont Ste Marie. When the tram isn't running, it's cross country skiing to make the link for the first half of the distance.
  2. Mont Ste Marie has shared on Instagram a shot of the new Trail Map. The Yellow Lines are all Trekking trails. The Cheval West Side in the middle of the map is the new off-piste area and there is also a glade trail off the middle of Carousel.
  3. Here's two more pictures from just moments ago.
  4. Here are some screenshots from the Summit webcam. You can clearly see how the top has been greatly flattened from before. The new Hybrid lift and the Versant du Lac quad are now at the same level. Wonder if they will bring the top of the fixed grip Versant du Village quad closer to this area, as it still is a touch downhill from the actual summit and the other two lifts.
  5. Shane

    Owl's Head - New Ownership and Future Plans

    It's now 1:13pm and the wait continues. We are now in Negative Countdown. lol
  6. Shane

    Mont Orford - November 30, 2018

    Great report Paul. Conditions looked quite good. I like how you highlighted a couple of trails with your photos that I had never tried in my past visits. Once again, an amazing start for the new season. Hoping it keeps up for the next few months!
  7. Shane

    Owl's Head - New Ownership and Future Plans

    Heads-up... Owl's Head website relaunch tomorrow (Dec 1) at 12pm.... according to the countdown clock on the site.
  8. Sutton will be opening this Saturday (Dec 1st) and just announced that all trails will be open. The best opening in the last 20 years. Chairlift that will operate remain to be confirmed, but the entire mountain will be open. Super exciting!!! More details here : https://www.slopeedge.net/content/all-ski-trails-open-at-mont-sutton-this-saturday-december-1st
  9. Shane

    Camp Fortune - November 24, 2018

    Wow, great pics Gordo. I wanted to get some of that side and you ended up skiing it. Impressive the amount of snow on the mountain right now. What an amazing day on the snow! Haha. Have fun on the slopes Ocean. I remember one year I went up to Saint-Sauveur, skied for an hour or so, then headed to Olympia for another hour or two, then Gabriel, then Morin Heights, all in the same day. What a rush. The video is now posted in the first post.
  10. What an exceptional start to the season this year at Camp Fortune. Thanks to an abundant supply of natural snow over the past couple weeks and very cold weather that allowed heavy snowmaking to occur, Camp Fortune launched its season this past Friday. Already on to Day 2, conditions are perfect, and you would be forgiven to think it was mid-February skiing because of how good it really is. Two trails are open, Pineault and Allen's Alley, served by the Pineault Quad lift. Snow coverage is complete and full width, with no ice, firm base, and plenty of white snow to carve up and enjoy. A small snowpark is also set up, complete with some rails, boxes, and modules. Camp Fortune isn't standing still, with snowmaking continuing across the mountain, you can see huge piles of snow on Clifford, Slalom, by the magic carpets, and down towards the Meech side of the mountain. No doubt we can expect even more trails in the relative future. Overall a fantastic start in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. No doubt one of the best in many, many years. I can't wait to see what else is in store for this winter, all things so far point to one thing... EPIC! Camp Fortune is open this weekend from 9-4pm. Be sure to check the latest trail status and opening hours on CampFortune.com Happy skiing! Pineault quad. Heading up the chairlift. You can see Pineault to the right, with some park modules setup to enjoy. The traditional chairlift talk... in progress. Choices... left to Pineault or right to Allen's Alley? Pineault. Allen's Alley. Bottom of Allen's Alley. The sun rising on another ski season. EPIC!!! Snowmaking continues on Slalom and beyond.
  11. Shane

    Owl's Head - New Ownership and Future Plans

    Little update. The new website is still not up and seems to have been pushed back to about December 1st, according to the new countdown clock.
  12. I just noticed yesterday that all the Sommets mountains have new painted trail maps on their websites. They look very nice and have more detail to the layout and sloping of the trails than the previous maps did. Beyond that, they are very artistic and fun to look at. Here they are attached below. Sommet Saint-Sauveur and versant Avila. Sommet Olympia Sommet Gabriel Sommet Morin Heights Sommet Edelweiss
  13. Shane

    Camp Fortune opens this Friday Nov. 23rd

    Hoping to make it up tomorrow. Everything is packed. I was talking to Erin at Camp Fortune end of October and she shared with me the following info on the latest in regards to the investments announced earlier in the spring. Love this news. Expanded lodge will be great, so something to look forward to the following season. For the present, more snowmaking on Allen's Alley, which is why it's open with Pineault this year right from the start. Also equally if not even bigger news, North American now has snowmaking. Previously a natural snow only trail, the snowmaking will ensure it will be open much more often with better conditions. Great news as with Paradis, they are the longest trails on the mountain. And more snowmaking improvements to come.
  14. Shane

    Mont Ste-Marie has fired up the snow guns

    Looking good. I think they are aiming for an opening between the beginning and 2nd week of December, if I remember stuff I saw on Facebook. Can't wait.
  15. Tremblant opens tomorrow. Unfortunately the new Lowell Thomas Express quad won’t due to weather related challenges. Slightly delayed so shouldn’t be long. No doubt the cold weather and plenty of natural snow affected the timeline.