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  1. I should add that Mont Sainte Anne has what is likely the highest vertical for night skiing in the world. The night ski terrain isn’t massive but it makes up for it by offering top to bottom runs over approx 2000ft vertical. Bromont is about 1200ft on the main side and the others can go as low as 500 ish. Saint-Sauveur is around 650 all over.
  2. Hi @Après Skier. I would say a car or a ride is required to get around but if you stay at one of the larger destinations like Sunshine Village or Lake Louise, they have on mountain lodging so once you are there you would be all set. Norquay while a nice mountain is the closest to the Banff Village but is smaller than the other two I referenced above, and I don't believe there is on mountain lodging there or whatnot (I could be wrong). There is also Sun Peaks which is quite large. Lots of great choices, but to really enjoy the region, you would be better having a car or a rental. If y
  3. Welcome to SlopeEdge @Après Skier. You have received some good suggestions and feedback for your trip. I would like to share a few of my own thoughts. I am a big fan of Sommet Saint-Sauveur. The mountain isn't extremely challenging but quite accessible for all skill levels. The night skiing atmosphere there is very enjoyable and the apres ski at the T-Bar (pun intended) is top notch. I think the claim of largest night skiing in the world is actually when you combine all their mountains in the area (Saint-Sauveur, Avila, Gabriel, Olympia and Morin Heights). They are not located next
  4. Mont Cascades : Mont Cascades Snow season guarantee Season pass The resort is launching the Mont Cascades Snow Season Guarantee, a program of exclusive measures for customers who have purchased their 2020-2021 ski pass before October 15, 2020, 11:59 p.m. This initiative aims to reassure customers who want to take advantage of a better rate on next winter’s season passes despite the financial and health uncertainties that hover due to COVID-19. Eligibility is automatic for all customers who have purchased a season’s pass. Thus, subscribers who ultimately do not w
  5. Sommet Saint-Sauveur (Avila, Morin Heights, Gabriel, Olympia, Edelweiss) > SKI GUARANTEE LES SOMMETS POLICY The Ski Guarantee les Sommets offer: Credit or full refund of your season pass if the request is made before December 15, 2020. Credit or refund of your Snow School Program if the request is made at the latest the day before the start of the programs. The postponement of your 2020-21 ski season to 2021-22 without any fees and without a price change, if the request is made before December 15, 2020. Once the skier season has started, customers can request a
  6. Camp Fortune released the following information on season pass purchases for the coming winter: SKI SEASON WINTER 2020-2021 COVID-19 SAFETY MEASURES At Camp Fortune we take your health and safety, as well as that of staff members, seriously. This season you will find all the necessary precautions put into place to insure the well being of the Camp Fortune Family; both staff and patrons. This will include, but is not limited to, face coverings and goggles on the chairlifts, distancing in the lines, face coverings indoors etc. In accordance with COVID capacity restrictions impose
  7. It's probably going to be the new reality, as sad as that is. But safety and health needs are at the forefront which they should be until this pandemic is over. The rough and sad part is how it affects businesses and families. Hopefully the abrupt season end and the coming winter don't do any permanent damage to our favorite mountains. I do give them credit for trying to make things work as best as possible to be open and offer people skiing.
  8. Shocking news. I always found the idea of Liftopia to be quite interesting, and sure enough, there were other players offering a similar type of discount. Still a little surprised, but with many mountains now offering discount or advance ticket sales similar in style to Liftopia, buying direct is often less hassle and more likely.
  9. I always love seeing photos of Bromont's summit. The new summit chalet looks amazing. It seems to have won several awards. On a sidenote, Several mountains are announcing that it will be possible to pick up stuff left in ski lockers. Generally one person inside only per family, and with staff accompanying by appointment. I have seen posts on Facebook by Bromont and Gleason if I am not mistaken. I would assume most others will follow suit very quickly. If you still have items in a locker at the ski mountain, it would not be a bad idea to consult their facebook page or their website fo
  10. Hello gang. Sorry to have been absent for a while. It has been a really hectic time for us, as I am sure it has been for everyone. My family and I are doing ok and holding on. Hope you are all well too. Lots of places are starting to progressively open up. Arapahoe Basin has reopened for skiing. Sommet Saint-Sauveur on last check seemed hopeful for a small reopening for skiing, but no further news on that (pending government approval of course). Ski Bromont is getting ready for mountain biking. Tremblant will have some sections of the mountain open for hiking.... Good to see th
  11. As was to be expected, yesterday the ASSQ announced that the ski season in Quebec has officially come to an end for this year. They do mention that barring some exceptional circumstance, all mountains will remain closed until the next season. It is added that summer preparations can start ahead of time to get ready. Hopefully the health situation will improve and not ruin the summer months as well. I just saw in the news that Doug Ford, Ontario premier has ordered all non-essential businesses to close as of 11:59pm Tuesday night. And yesterday, Francois Legault, the Quebec premier,
  12. In case people were wondering, at 10pm Sunday night, Mont Ste Marie said that after confirming with the ASSQ, they would in fact not open after all.
  13. Mont Ste Marie aims to be defiant and open anyways tomorrow with both Quads (Vanier and Cheval Blanc). The lodge will be closed but washrooms open. Here is the Facebook post below. I don't agree with this as the whole idea is to keep people home and safe and avoid contact. They state "SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT OPEN TOMORROW! We are taking extraordinary measures to ensure safety and will open Vanier and Cheval Lifts only and loading 2 per chair. The lodge will be closed except for the lower level only for washrooms and lift tickets. Bring your own food and drink for outside and tailgating.
  14. Quebec ski areas have been ordered to close as of 4pm today for an indefinite period. Sad day. The situation seems to be ramping up as far as reported positive cases. I hope everyone is safe, stays healthy and recovers fully and quickly if they become affected. Sad for me as well as I have yet to ski this season. Was hoping to get out during March Break but health and safety is more important than skiing.
  15. Just in... Alterra and Vail are shutting down all of their mountains for atleast a week if not longer effective tomorrow morning. These two groups own the biggest resorts in North America. I wouldn’t be surprised if many others follow their lead and close as well. Skiing for the most part is still open elsewhere but that may rapidly change. I would suggest that all who would like to ski before the end of the season should do so soon as the end may come very quickly due to the current crisis.
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