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  1. Hey @Ocean did you get any pics of the closing of the Atomic? i saw the video on Facebook. End of an era. Let’s hope the new lift is as reliable as the Atomic was. Definitely a big change for the mountain. Eager to see the new finished lift.
  2. Here's the Last Chair video ceremony at Sommet Saint-Sauveur for the Atomic Express. sommet saint-sauveur - atomic.mp4 Video Source : Sommet Saint-Sauveur facebook ( ) Hoping that they share some photos and videos from now until the new chair is open, to show the progress of the removal and installation.
  3. Nice trip Gordo. Looks like you had the place to yourself Definitely, a fun way to end the season. And you are right, still lots of snow. Was it sticky or relatively easy to handle? Thanks for sharing!
  4. Anyone still leaving open the possibility to ski again this season? Or are all finished up? I think I'm finished. Eager to hike.
  5. I just found this great video someone did of a Doppelmayr DT108 detachable grip, showing it entering and exiting the terminals from many different angles. Probably the best video out there. Very cool to watch.
  6. Mount St Louis Moonstone has listed their Louis Express, a 1989 Poma quad detachable chairlift for sale. The mountain is predominantly served by high speed six-pack lifts. Not sure if a new lift will take its place or if it is no longer needed.
  7. Found some news on the Balsams project. The House and Senate approved a bill that will enable Less Otten to seek the funding he needs to move ahead with the project and expansion. This is a big step into making things a reality. Now he needs to get funding and there will be consultations with the communities.
  8. A big change of open mountains from all the rain being received and forecasted. It would seem like last weekend was really the end. Indeed some mountains will continue for another week or two but in Quebec that will now number in the dozen or less. Would be interesting to see if Mont Chilly does indeed open at some point this weekend. Definitely, an unexpected turn of events if they do. I guess that marks the end of my ski season. Although it did wrap up at the end of December for me this year. Back to form next season that's a promise! Who knows, my wife and I are hoping to do a one night stay in Montreal perhaps in May for a change of scenery. Maybe a quick stop to Sommet Saint-Sauveur, but who knows. For now, I consider myself done for the season. Looking forward to some hiking in the spring and summer. Little Jean-Luc is eager to see some nature.
  9. Amazing conditions. Amazing! What I love about Saint-Sauveur is that even when the only lift open is the Atomic, you still have access to almost a dozen trails, and they are all fun and enjoyable. The core section of the mountain has a good variety. When you stop and think, Edelweiss feels like the size of just Saint-Sauveur's Atomic Express section. Glad to see you got out. Enjoy it while it lasts. Atomic is closing in less than two weeks now. Which will mean from that point on, it will most likely be only 70 Ouest, Nordique and Silver Park.
  10. Really impressive the snowpack at this time of year. Winter keeps holding on, and we see quite a few mountains willing to push it yet another week or two. Good for them. And why not, some years it ends just a little too quickly, why not stretch it when we can! Here's to another weekend or two in the region.
  11. That's big news. Sad it won't operate as a public ski mountain anymore. The quote from the new ownership representative: Will keep it almost as is so that locals and visitors can stay there and still enjoy the property and view? Any idea what this means? Public can do alpine touring or hike the mountain? Or it will be private property but left mostly as is? Very vague... Hopefully more information comes out in the near future. Thanks for sharing Gordo. Good eyes!
  12. Mont Chilly is definitely having a better than average season this year. Great to see. Really a unique place to visit, only limited by natural snow fall, which is in abundance this year. For those in the region, you definitely owe it to yourself to check it out before it closes for the season. It's something different and unique indeed.
  13. Published today and translated to English: ATOMIC EXPRESS retirement The Easter weekend will be marked this year by the end of service of the Atomic Express. After 35 years of loyal service, it will give way to a new lift 6-pack heated chairlift. Decommissioning work will begin on Tuesday, April 23. Customers are invited to come for a "last chair ride" in this legendary lift which, remember, was one of the first detachables in Quebec. For the nostalgic, it will be possible to purchase an old Atomic (chair) for $ 500. Last ATOMIC chair ride: 35 years later Monday, April 22, 5 pm
  14. In reviewing the resort masterplans drawn up by several years back, they do show the Lowell Thomas replacement from a triple to high speed quad, which did take place last year, but also the replacement of the TGV from a high speed quad to a six-pack... Perhaps an indication of what is to come in the future as far as replacing existing lifts. Also shows a quad on the Timber section, between Soleil and Duncan. No idea if these plans are still valid but time will tell...
  15. @Ocean, speaking of Killington, here's some news that may interest you...
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