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  1. Update from Calabogie Peaks We, like many other resorts are gearing up for this winter season and we wanted to update you all on what our operational changes will include for the 2020-2021 season. We are taking action to ensure the safety of our guests, staff and community is paramount, so we can all enjoy the winter season as we know it. Please take note below of some changes that will be implemented this year, with support from the Renfrew County District Health Unit: RFID Ticketing We are working very hard to implement a new RFID ticketing system this winter. This will includ
  2. More Tremblant info about COVID skiing: To our Tremblant community, As all winter sports enthusiasts begin to think about winter, we suspect many questions come to mind. While we are working on getting you answers, we can assure you the health and safety of our employees, guests and community remain at the forefront of our decision process as we prepare for the 2020-21 season. We understand that you may need now more than ever to reconnect with the mountain air and the thrill of hitting the slopes. It is why we are happy to announce that we plan to open as per usual in November
  3. Are the lift operators really going to ask people if they are family or not when getting people on the chairs. Double layer neck warmers? so are we going to have neck warmer police?
  4. Jay Peak update: CANADIAN SEASON PASSHOLDER UPDATE REFUNDS ON ALL 2020+21 SEASON PASSES We wanted to let you know that we will be refunding all 2020+21 Season Passes purchased by our Canadian guests. Given the continued uncertainty around the re-opening of the border, we didn't want to cash any final payments at this time (all checks we have on hand will be destroyed). Instead, we'll be reimbursing all of your deposits/payments and when the border is confirmed to re-open, you will have access to our best (tier 1) season pass rates or, if it's later in the winter, we'll dev
  5. Here is some info from Tremblant regarding the ski season: The health and well-being of Alterra Mountain Company guests, employees, and local communities has and will always be our company’s highest priority. Since last winter’s resort closures, our teams have been working to develop operating plans and protocols designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We are intently focused on complying with local, county, and state regulations and offering the best guest experience possible for the 20/21 season. The effectiveness of these plans will rely on your cooperation with our enforce
  6. @Après Skier The border crossing near Jay Peak is basically a hut, super fast and easy. I have a feeling with COVID though Canada is not going to open its border anytime soon. You may have to wait a extra year for your Quebec trip. If I could only ski three resorts on the list it would be Tremblant, Sutton and Massif. Lots of glade options at all three. The view of the St. Lawrence at Masstif is amazing.
  7. Its crazy how much nature as taken over in 11 years. Those trees growing out of the parking lot look like they are doing pretty well.
  8. @Shane Camp Fortune has still said nothing about the next season or when people can buy season passes. I'm afraid if we get a really warm/low snow season doubled with these COVID regulations you will see some hills close for good. Also Vermont hills must be really worried. If no Canadian's come or are even allowed to cross the border what will places like Jay Peak do?
  9. Just got this email from Mont Ste-Marie This is the first in the Ottawa/Gatineau area to address the next ski season. This seems like a logistical nightmare. Msg below: An Important Update for all Mont Ste-Marie Customers. Hello to all Friends of Mont Ste-Marie I hope everyone is having a fun and safe summer. It has been a busy summer at Mont Ste-Marie with everyone taking advantage of this fantastic weather to enjoy the trails, tennis, golf, and beach. Tomorrow will mark 4 months since we were shut down on March 15th. Since that time, our world has changed. What could no
  10. Looks like most camping and back country canoeing in parks is a go for June 5th in Quebec. The Verendrye Reserve will open then as well as the regional park at Lac Poisson Blanc. Ontario has extended their closures of camping and backcountry till June 14th though.
  11. Hey all @Ocean @Shane @Paul I'm holding out here in Ottawa. Working from home currently. It was a bummer to loose the spring skiing season! If fact Fortune still has enough of base to ski on. I'm starting to worry about next season now. I'm a little angry at Quebec closing it borders to people from Ontario as we own property in Quebec that we can't access. I get the idea to keep cottagers from using the stores in Quebec and maybe spreading the virus etc... but its going to have long term ramifications much like the referendum in the 90's did. Anyway take care everyone and stay s
  12. Kinda crazy. Why wouldn’t they just say the hill is open for touring while everything else is closed.
  13. St. Louis Moonstone is closing today. I think the ski season is done.
  14. @Shane Calabogie Peaks may still be open Monday if your feeling adventurous.
  15. Well I think the Quebec Government is about to shut everything down. https://postmedia.us.janrainsso.com/static/server.html?origin=https%3A%2F%2Fmontrealgazette.com%2Fnews%2Fquebec%2Fcovid-19-quebec-orders-bars-and-theatres-to-close-restaurants-to-limit-customers
  16. @Shane that includes the biggest resort in North America, Whistler Blackcomb. Fortune was pretty quiet for a Saturday but I never went over to the valley. Ski lessons were still going.
  17. Well Camp Fortune is still open and the spring conditions are great.
  18. Here’s more info about why Jay Peak is closing. Mainly because of Canadians have restricted access.
  19. @Paul I think winter is going to make a come back next week. Don't count the season over let. The virus factor is still a worry though.
  20. Camp Fortune has cancelled the Apres Ski party in the bar on Saturday: ATTENTION: 1920-2020: Celebrating 100 yrs All outdoor activities planned for our 100th celebration on Saturday are going ahead as planned. The après-ski concert in the bar featuring Mackenzie Rhythm Section has been cancelled.
  21. All seems a little crazy to me. Skiers are pretty covered up and outside! What about movie theatres? they are still open.
  22. Sunday and the last day of March Break in Quebec. The time change was painful but the mountain was perfect with all 102 trails open. Temperatures in the morning were around -3c and by the afternoon +3c. Bonus, zero wind. We rolled in around 8:30am and stayed till last chair. The day was that good with perfect groomers or moguls and trees galore. The crazy thing is we though it would be super busy, we were wrong. Most lines were less then a couple minutes. Maybe all the March break holiday people left on Saturday? Anyway the snow was soft enough to hit the trees without fear and everything ju
  23. Looks like a great day @Paul, Did you hit any of the glades?
  24. @Ocean I’m thinking Mount Titus or Mont Chilly Saturday.
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