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  1. The new map is now up on their website.
  2. Interesting, its odd they have not updated the map on their website though. Also Crescendo seems rather narrow to have uphill trekking and downhill skiing on. I did ski through that Cheval West side area last spring and it has some cool terrain but you'll need lots of natural snow to enjoy it.
  3. From the Calabogie Newsletter: Up and at ‘em snow lovers – the mountain is open Saturday and Sunday. $25 tickets Lifts are on 9AM to 4PM. Our mountain ops team has O’Brien’s and Shantyman open from top to bottom along with the beginner bowl. Shake off the summer sand and get the winter vibe at The Peaks, the big mountain close to home. From the MSM newsletter: We are Open this Saturday and Sunday from 9-4pm We will be opening this weekend Saturday and Sunday from 9-4pm with the Vanier Chairlift. Mont Ste-Marie has had substantial natural snow combined with snowmaking will provide fantastic groomed conditions on Serenade and Calve. Trekking opportunities will be available on Crescendo. Apres Ski in the Ryan II Bar will begin at 2pm each day. See you on the slopes! Junior Ticket (17 and under) $19 and Adult $34
  4. Gordo

    Camp Fortune - November 24, 2018

    Ocean, Snowshoe skis or gliding snowshoes are basically short fat powder skis with a built in skin under the foot for uphill traction. Binding wise you can have a snowshoe style binding for normal winter boots or a 3 pin telemark style one. The two companies I know of that make them are OAC Skinbased out of Finland and Altai Skis out of the US/Canada. Very fun in woody hilly/rolling terrain. Mine are OAC ones , 147cms, 110mm wide, with metal edges.
  5. Gordo

    Camp Fortune - November 24, 2018

    Nice report Shane. I was on the hill also. To bad we didn't meet up. I did about 8 runs then switched to snowshoe skis and toured up behind Marshall and then back down. Great day! The whales on Clifford. Snow making on Marshall is next Woody!
  6. MSM may be trying to get in on the early start to the season. The snow guns are on! At -15C today why not.
  7. Sutton is opening this Saturday well ahead of schedule.
  8. Gordo

    Camp Fortune opens this Friday Nov. 23rd

    I’m going to go up Saturday morning. Also the cross country conditions in Gatineau park have been great all week
  9. Opening day will be Friday, November 23rd from 9 am to 4 pm Friday November 23 9 am to 4 pm Saturday November 24 9 am to 4 pm Sunday November 25 9 am to 4 pm Friday November 30 9 am to 4 pm Saturday December 1 9 am to 4 pm Sunday December 2 9 am to 4 pm
  10. Ski Camp Fortune Now! Cool throw back brochure from 1973 Found at the Gatineau Valley Historical Society website https://www.gvhs.ca/digital/gatineau-park/osc/ https://www.gvhs.ca/digital/gatineau-park/osc/1973-11-00.pdf They have new brochures dating back to 1921 on the site!
  11. Gordo

    Camp Fortune has fired up the guns

    Looks like they have started making snow. Great temperatures for snowmaking.
  12. Gordo

    Sommet Saint-Sauveur Sunday Nov 4!

    Ocean you sure are a keener! Next week could be a good one for some real snow. I'm also thinking Camp Fortune will fire up the guns next week. Patiently waiting. I tend to get in a few days of nordic skiing before my alpine season begins.
  13. I have some Smith goggles. Nothing special, totally average but they seem to work. Could go for a new pair sometime soon.
  14. Hey Shane, Have you heard anything more about these new “Glade trails” at MSM?
  15. Gordo

    Sommet Saint-Sauveur snowmaking is active

    More snow action here: http://links.inntopia1.mkt7972.com/servlet/MailView?ms=MzY3ODQ5MjYS1&r=ODAwMTU5NDEwOTQxS0&j=MTM4MTgyMzIwOAS2&mt=1&rt=0