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  1. Looks like MSM will be open. From their Facebook account: Ski this weekend. We are OPEN this Easter Saturday and Sunday 9-4pm. Vanier Chairlift. This will be the final weekend. Special reduced lift ticket of $19 for under 18yrs and $34 for Adults. Passholders from other Areas $27. See you on the slopes.
  2. Small chance Mont Chilly may be open Saturday/Sunday. Not sure about MSM.
  3. Looks like all the forecasted rain for the Easter long weekend is putting a damper on the chance for another ski weekend. Camp Fortune has called it quits. Smugglers Notch has done the same. No doubt most of the hills in the Ottawa/Gatineau area will or have officially closed. Bit of a shame as there is still a lot of snow on the hills.
  4. The ski season that just keeps going and going... Massif just got 45cms of snow over the 36 hours! Ottawa got 8cm yesterday. Gatineau hills and the Pontiac around 10cm.
  5. Will its snowing pretty good right now with 15cms expected in the Cantley and Mont Ste Marie areas today. I think the skiing will be pretty good this weekend.
  6. Made it up to Mont Ste Marie for one last spring rip. The hour drive north from Ottawa was an easy one, though many fields were full of deer. The coverage on the two mountains is still impressive with all of the 20 groomed trails still open. Even the off-piste runs had good coverage but they were mostly closed. The snow was just to sticky in the glades. The groomed trails ripped though. The snow was soft and fast in the morning then became your typical spring skiing conditions in the afternoon. I missed the sun of Saturday but with no wind and temperatures just over zero I couldn't complain. Dustin Cook and Formidable were the best bets on the Cheval Blanc side. On Vanier Serenade and Tornade were great cruisers. We ducked into the glades on Carroussel but the snow was so sticky that you had to hop turn to get through the trees, not recommended. Had lunch at the bar where the food and service is always excellent. Ripped down Cheval for a few more hours in the afternoon till we'd had our fill. What a great season. MSM plans to be open April 12-14th and maybe even Easter weekend. Looks like snow is on tap for Tuesday!
  7. Sounds like the mountain was sold in February. Unfortunately it’s not going to be a commercial ski hill but rather a private getaway for the buyer. Kinda sad as I always thought it had great potential. The Barry’s Bay area is only going to grow in the coming years. See the article here:
  8. Spring Skiing at Chilly From their Facebook site: Mont Chilly will be open April 6 + 7, 2019. Come check out some awesome spring skiing. open 10 to 4. Cash only. The kitchen is closed but we offer snacks and drinks. A bbq is available on the deck. See you on the mountain.
  9. Yep still the drop. The curvy trail slingshots you out and into the drop. Easy to get some nice air.
  10. Cool. Its funny they call it "Slide Season". Makes me think the place is a big toboggan run.
  11. Calabogie Peaks - all tickets are $30 for weekday skiing this week April 1-5th. 100% open and they got 15cms Saturday/Sunday.
  12. Chilly is still going strong with a late season storm Saturday/Sunday. From their Facebook site: Freshie alert! With 20++ cm of beautiful new snow in the last 24 hours, it seems that winter is not quite over yet🌬❄️😁Turns will be soft and deep with snow continuing to fall. See you all on the slopes!
  13. Also of note Mont Ste Marie was delayed getting their high speed quads working on Sunday. Camp Fortune's quad on the Skyline side is still down do to technical problems.
  14. Well this weekend was almost a mirror of last weekend. Ottawa got mostly rain while the hills north of Gatineau got mostly snow. Camp Fortune got only 5cms but Mont Ste Marie got 25cms over two days! On Sunday, I made it as far Edelweiss as the roads were not great. They got 10cms of fresh snow overnight with only a couple trails groomed in the morning. I arrived at 9 to find out there would be a delay on the start. The high-speed quad could not run because of ice build up on the wires. They were trying to get the Streif quad going. I guess they hadn’t run the Streif in a few days as the seats were covered in a thick layer of snow and ice. This meant they had to slowly clean off each seat which took almost an hour! Inside they had the café open for breakfast but had no eggs? When they finally gave the green light, I grabbed first chair and was off. Then it powdered down half a dozen time on the first chair. Not sure what the problem was but finally things went smoothly from there. The conditions were great with a soft layer of 10cms. Rockstar and Shotgun had the best conditions overall. Streif had some crusty groomer crap under the thin soft layer. Zoomer and Telesiege were both nice and fast. Zero line-ups, warm temperatures and great skiing. I stayed until around 2pm. Not sure if they ever got the high-speed quad going. Waiting for the Streif Quad. Old sign for the DNF trail. Into the woods Logs check, Ice falls check. Not bad for March 31st. Shotgun is just past the trees.
  15. @Ocean it snowed all day at Camp Fortune and Mont Ste Marie till about 3pm. Raining a bit now but should which back over to snow again. Tomorrow could be good.
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