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  2. Which would you say is the most fun for night skiing? Based on everyone’s reviews so far It sounds like St-Sauveur is an all-around favorite.
  3. I should add that Mont Sainte Anne has what is likely the highest vertical for night skiing in the world. The night ski terrain isn’t massive but it makes up for it by offering top to bottom runs over approx 2000ft vertical. Bromont is about 1200ft on the main side and the others can go as low as 500 ish. Saint-Sauveur is around 650 all over.
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  5. @ShaneThank you for the great recommendations. It seems like ski culture in Quebec really brings night skiing to a new level. I really look forward to experiencing it.
  6. @ShaneThank you for the advice! I was hoping for a car-free trip but it looks like I might need to rent a car after all. I just get nervous after so many years of living in an area with hardly any rain and never any snow. The Johnston Canyon looks stunning. Sun Peaks is on my list of top places I would like to ski before I die... unsurprisingly there are several Canadian resorts on the list.
  7. Hi @Après Skier. I would say a car or a ride is required to get around but if you stay at one of the larger destinations like Sunshine Village or Lake Louise, they have on mountain lodging so once you are there you would be all set. Norquay while a nice mountain is the closest to the Banff Village but is smaller than the other two I referenced above, and I don't believe there is on mountain lodging there or whatnot (I could be wrong). There is also Sun Peaks which is quite large. Lots of great choices, but to really enjoy the region, you would be better having a car or a rental. If y
  8. Welcome to SlopeEdge @Après Skier. You have received some good suggestions and feedback for your trip. I would like to share a few of my own thoughts. I am a big fan of Sommet Saint-Sauveur. The mountain isn't extremely challenging but quite accessible for all skill levels. The night skiing atmosphere there is very enjoyable and the apres ski at the T-Bar (pun intended) is top notch. I think the claim of largest night skiing in the world is actually when you combine all their mountains in the area (Saint-Sauveur, Avila, Gabriel, Olympia and Morin Heights). They are not located next
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  10. hahahaha is that what they are promoting! lol Manoir beds are comfy - can confirm! It is actually Bromont that has the world`s largest nightskiing with 7 versants and skiing til 2am every second weekend at Nuit Blanche (unclear if they will do that this year). St-Sau is great though and in close proximity to Montreal. The hot tub at Manoir closes at 9 and skiing at 10 so you can`t do both on the same day unfortunately. I do wish they`d consider opening the nordik spa later at night!
  11. @VictoriaBeautiful photos! It looks like a fun trip. Is it true that having a car is completely unnecessary to enjoy a ski trip in Banff?
  12. @OceanThank you for your recommendations. Le Manoir looks lovely and on their website I noticed Saint-Sauveur has the world’s largest night skiing. I definitely want to check that out. I also love a good après ski soak. The Scandinave at Tremblant looks delightful.
  13. oh, also Val St-Come has night skiing til midnight every few weeks and is another great spot!
  14. @Après Skier rather than prepare an inflexible itinerary, I would suggest watching the weather for the timing of your trip and then travelling to the best spots....for instance if there is snow in Charlevoix start there instead of Tremblant. You could also potentially fly into Burlington VT and rent a car there, and then start or end your trip at Jay Peak (or Stowe, Smuggs, MRG, Burke, or others). This also makes the Eastern Townships an easy start or end point since it's basically on the way to VT. Lodging recommendations between Montreal and Tremblantt: Cap Tremblant - about a te
  15. Here is some info from Tremblant regarding the ski season: The health and well-being of Alterra Mountain Company guests, employees, and local communities has and will always be our company’s highest priority. Since last winter’s resort closures, our teams have been working to develop operating plans and protocols designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We are intently focused on complying with local, county, and state regulations and offering the best guest experience possible for the 20/21 season. The effectiveness of these plans will rely on your cooperation with our enforce
  16. @PaulThank you again! This is really very nice. I was unaware there was so much in the St-Saveur area and will have to check it out. @GordoThank you for the info about the border crossing. I agree with you; international travel does not look promising for US residents. Oh well... I’ll already be very happy if my local ski areas remain open. And thank you for helping narrow down the selection. Fingers crossed we can all enjoy a nice ski season!!!
  17. @Après Skier The border crossing near Jay Peak is basically a hut, super fast and easy. I have a feeling with COVID though Canada is not going to open its border anytime soon. You may have to wait a extra year for your Quebec trip. If I could only ski three resorts on the list it would be Tremblant, Sutton and Massif. Lots of glade options at all three. The view of the St. Lawrence at Masstif is amazing.
  18. @Après Skier, one of my go to places is Sommet St-Sauveur. With St-Sauveur, you also get Versant Avila. Mont Avila used to be a separate area altogether, and now has been incorporated into Sauveur. Olympia is another in the Sommets family of ski areas. You have a group of hills in the Sauveur area like Mont Habitant, Sommet Olympia, Sommet Gabriel, Chanteclerc, Sommet Morin Heights. All worth checking out, depending on your travel schedule. Further up the Autoroute en route to Tremblant you have Belle Neige, Vallée Bleue, and Mont Blanc. Each mountain has its own charm. Sutton is very uni
  19. Thank you, Paul! This is very helpful You mentioned several resorts in the area traveling between Montreal and Tremblant. Are there I should add to my itinerary? I’m excited to experience skiing in Quebec. I’ve heard Mont Sutton is a very unique resort and I’m looking forward to skiing in the glades. I’ve also heard the views at Le Massif and Owl’s Head are very beautiful. Tremblant is a famous destination resort and I definitely want to see that as well. Thank you!!!
  20. Welcome aboard Après Skier, thank you for your interest in SlopeEdge! All four of the areas in the Eastern Townships are great choices to ski. If you are into ski glades, Mont Sutton would be the place to go. If you are looking for steeps, Orford has a great variety. Looking for some nice cruiser trails, Owl's Head is the one. If you are looking for a full on resort, hotel, ski package deal, Bromont has that. I would consider Bromont as the mini "Tremblant" of the Townships where you have everything very close by. The largest mountain in terms of vertical is Orford, and for trail count, i
  21. Hello, I would love some recommendations for a trip. As soon as the Canadian/US border reopens I would like visit Quebec for a ski safari. This will be my first visit to Quebec. I have envisioned the trip as follows: Montreal ski at Mt Tremblant visit Montreal Eastern Townships ski at 5-resorts: Mt Sutton, Mt Orford, Bromont, Owls Head, and Jay Peak Québec-Charlevoix ski at 2-resorts: Mt Ste-Anne, le Massif de Charlevoix visit Québec city A few questions: Am I missing anything? Are t
  22. Thank you for sharing the good news. This looks like an absolutely gorgeous ski area! When borders eventually reopen I would love to plan a Powder Highway ski trip including a visit to Red.
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  24. Alterra has added Red Mountain to its Icon community for the coming season! https://www.alterramtnco.com/news/2020/09/01/red-mountain-in-british-columbia-joins-the-ikon-pass-community-for-the-20-21
  25. I think the virtual model will work great - I do wonder if there will be daily caps on the number of tickets available per mountain. Because of covid, a lot of the US resorts will now have a reservation system for day tickets. St-Sauveur during the summer had a reservation process for the capacity-limited water park, and I wonder if mountains will be doing the same kind of thing and how the passe parfait might figure into that. I guess we'll find out!
  26. Today I received an email from the maneige group in regards to the upcoming season for the Ski Passe-Partout discount card offered in Quebec. This year with the Covid-19 pandemic being present, and with the measures being put into place for he upcoming season, the Passé-Partout program will not be issued with a plastic card like in years past. It will be distributed virtually with a bar code that you may present on your smartphone, or by printing it. This will be for all maneige's line of products this season. in addition to this, maneige will be launching an online store to pre-purchase
  27. I love this! The INA has some real treasures. Here’s a video from the opening of Avoriaz... notice the reindeer pulling the sleighs. They eventually had to switch to horses because apparently the reindeer were difficult to maintain.
  28. So unfortunate. I wish them all the best. Saddleback is offering a great deal through September 4 for a “test drive pass” $135 for 3 days. If you decide to purchase a season pass, the test drive fee will be credited toward the price of the season pass. if I was still in the Northeast I would jump on that deal.
  29. Montreal’s South-West borough has decided not to renew the agreement which allowed Pente à Neige to offer urban skiing at the Ignace-Bourget Park. Considering how Pente à Neige is exceptionally well placed as a “feeder hill“ teaching a new generation of skiers I think it would be very unfortunate to lose this community resource. A petition has been started requesting an administrative review. https://en.penteaneige.ca
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