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    • Which would you say is the most fun for night skiing? Based on everyone’s reviews so far It sounds like St-Sauveur is an all-around favorite.
    • I should add that Mont Sainte Anne has what is likely the highest vertical for night skiing in the world. The night ski terrain isn’t massive but it makes up for it by offering top to bottom runs over approx 2000ft vertical.  Bromont is about 1200ft on the main side and the others can go as low as 500 ish.  Saint-Sauveur is around 650 all over. 
    • @ShaneThank you for the great recommendations. It seems like ski culture in Quebec really brings night skiing to a new level. I really look forward to experiencing it.
    • @ShaneThank you for the advice! I was hoping for a car-free trip but it looks like I might need to rent a car after all. I just get nervous after so many years of living in an area with hardly any rain and never any snow. The Johnston Canyon looks stunning. Sun Peaks is on my list of top places I would like to ski before I die... unsurprisingly there are several Canadian resorts on the list.
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