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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Calabogie Peaks

Calabogie Peaks, located within an hour of Ottawa, offers 24 trails, 30% beginner, 45% intermediate and 25% advanced/expert, served by 2 quad chairlifts, and a magic carpet for beginners. The resort is also the only mountain in Eastern Ontario and the Outaouais that has ski in/ski out lodging, located in the base area.

The mountain is split into two distinct sections. To the right, is the Solar Express, serving mainly the beginner and intermediate terrain. Many of these trails have multiple ways to enter, as well as when you leave. At Calabogie, the options are there, making for an interesting mountain to explore, as you can create your own descents in many cases by combining different trails. To the left is the Lakeview chair, showcasing the best views from the mountain, and offering more of the advanced and expert trails. From this summit, you can easily access any of the trails on the mountain. Located in the middle is the Face of Tiger, one of the most prominent steeps in the province, a definite source of adrenaline and excitement for those seeking thrills.

The mountain also offers a large beginners bowl area for new skiers and snowboarders, served by a long magic carpet. This zone is completely separate from the main skiable terrain, creating a safe atmosphere and environment in which to learn and practice.

While the mountain contains a fantastic selection of trails, here are a few that stand out. Buckshot, an advanced trail, that isn't overly challenging but has a very fun drop half way down, is worthy of several repeat runs. O'Brien's Fancy is another enjoyable advanced trail, with several drops and steps as you progress further down the mountain. Barret Chute and Face of the Tiger, are intermediate to advanced trails, located at the bottom between the two chairlifts. They provide great views of the region below and the Calabogie lake, but end with a surprising drop into the final stretch.

Lodging options are plenty, with over 60 rooms available in a variety of forms. The Calabogie Hotel (Dickson Manor), offers traditional hotel rooms and suites, as well as all the expected amenities including a bar, restaurant and pools. Condo units are another option. All lodging is located at the base of the mountain with the benefit of skiing in and out.

The staff at the mountain are all very friendly and courteous. The lodge is modern, clean and functional.

A visit to Calabogie Peaks is highly recommended. For those living in the Ottawa / Gatineau region, located within an hour or less of the city, and at about half the time or less to the Laurentians, you will find a great mountain that features the highest vertical drop in all of Ontario. You definitely experience the big mountain feel, as the terrain is quite vaste, offering a wide variety of trails, with plenty of features. Attention to detail and quality are two things you will clearly find in abundance when visiting Calabogie Peaks. The impressive snowmaking system, constantly being upgraded, makes wonders in little time, transforming the Dickson Mountain from green to white and always helping to guarantee great conditions.

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